Safe Ways to Pack Glass Items

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( — July 18, 2020) — Packing glass items is not as daunting as it sounds. Chances are that for some of you it could turn out to be a rather fun activity. You just have to ensure you are careful and patient. 

Using some basic stationery, you can pack efficiently in a way that ensures your glass items are safe and secure. It’s best to work on the floor when you deal with fragile items. It gives you space for free movement and reduces the chances of items falling and breaking.

Once you are happy with your packing, you can make use of services provided by excellent companies such as Best Removalists Perth for smooth transportation. Here are the best ways to pack your glass items:

Use Bubble Wrap
The best way is to use bubble wrap. This acts as a cushion for lining against glass items. The bottom of the glass item should be stuffed with bubble wrap so that it supports the height.

After building the base, the parts that are likely to break, such as handles or stems, need be layered in wraps.

Use Newspaper and Packing Papers
If you don’t have enough bubble wrap, you may use newspapers and packing paper to fill the glass items. When using packing sheets, you should ensure that you first cover the lining.

When packing heavier items, you should start from the base. After you place the glass item diagonally, start rolling the packing paper, newspaper, or cloth. Every space should be covered in multiple layers and the material that is remaining should be placed inside.

Work on the Box
You should keep in mind that your glass items have to be placed over layers of newspapers, bubble wraps, sheets, or cloth. First, fill the box with crumpled newspaper or sheet. Then, put in the items and leave space for more filling of newspaper and sheet.

The layers above and below the glass items should be of equal width. Do not forget to leave enough space for the box to close after you have filled it to the brim.

No Clashing, No Stuffing
This is the part where you need patience. You should measure the length and breadth of your box and then decide the number of glasses that can fit in that area.

You have to see that you leave no space between the glasses so that they don’t hit each other and crack. You also have to ensure that they are not packed together too tightly.

Pack and Seal
You should see to it that you keep the heavy items at the bottom and the lighter ones above. It is also important that handles of glass items are placed in such a way that they do not hit the hard surface of the item next to them.

Once that is done and you have filled the box with crumpled sheets and papers throughout, seal it with tape from all sides. You may tape it in layers. Do not forget to mark it under categories of delicate, more delicate, extremely fragile, etc.

You should always employ movers when transporting fragile items like glass, cups, etc. Doing it on your own may be risky. It is always good to invest in services that keep your prized possessions safe.