Albuquerque Roof Replacement Alternative Effective Shingles Treatment Launched

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( — July 20, 2020) — Albuquerque, NM — A new online guide has been created to demonstrate the advantages of restoring shingle roofs with RoofMaxx, rather than undertaking costly repairs and replacement. The treatment can restore old shingles to the appearance and performance of new.

Roof Saver ABQ have launched a new guide online that demonstrates how the revolutionary new RoofMaxx treatment can prolong the life of asphalt shingle roofs. The treatment is eco-friendly and comes with a five-year transferable guarantee.

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The guide explains that the treatment can also be reapplied up to three times, depending on the state of repair of the roof. This can dramatically prolong the life of shingle roofs and reduce the cost and inconvenience of roof repairs and replacement.

RoofMaxx is a new scientific formula that is natural and 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment. The soy fusion technology not only covers the shingles, its millions of tiny microbeads of soy methyl esters quickly penetrate deep within aged roof shingles.

This acts like a skin moisturizer for the roof, restoring flexibility, color and weatherproofing to the shingles. Within just 72 hours of application RoofMaxx will have restored the roof’s flexibility, allowing it to expand and contract with changes in temperature and be completely weatherproof once again.

This revolutionary new roof treatment has impressed Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on the popular business investment show, Shark Tank. He enthusiastically endorses the treatment, which is now available coast to coast and is exclusively available in Albuquerque through Roof Saver ABQ.

Anyone who has been quoted for expensive roof repair or replacement is invited to contact their local RoofMaxx technician on the above-mentioned website for a free consultation.

Oho State University have tested the effect of RoofMaxx treatment on a 17-year-old asphalt shingle roof. They examined it for shingle pliability topcoat protection, shingle permeability, hail impact and fire spread of flame. In all five tests the 17-year-old RoofMaxx treated roof performed as well as brand new shingles.

Before any repair or replacement work is undertaken on a shingle roof, Albuquerque homeowners are encouraged to apply for a free RoofMaxx assessment.

The first stage is a thorough roof assessment by the trained Roof Maxx technician. Any problem areas will be photographed, and the most cost-effective solution discussed with the homeowner.

Next any potential problem areas such as flashings will be tested and restored to ensure the roof is structurally sound. Then the Roof Maxx treatment is applied.

This quick, clean, and environmentally safe process usually takes less than two hours. Within 72 hours the roof’s full flexibility and waterproofing protection is fully restored for at least five years.

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