Best SD-WAN Internet Buying Service Local Businesses Tech Solutions Launched

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( — July 20, 2020) — Technology Sourcing company is showing businesses the best way to buy SD-WAN service for single-location and multi-locations businesses, allowing them to achieve consistently fast internet from multiple providers at the same time that are always up with multiple redundant connections working as one.

A global sourcing-as-a-service firm based in Santa Ana, California has extended it’s service provider options of software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) service, giving single-location and multi-location businesses in California, the USA and 60+ Countries an opportunity to have uninterrupted internet access that is up 100% of the time.

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Technology Source, a technology advisory firm, stated that its SD-WAN connectivity service provides businesses with multiple different internet access service providers and different access technologies in one solution. The main benefit of this setup is that customers get the reliability of having multiple different providers at the same time that works as a single connection that may slow down in an outage but never goes down completely. The connection is also self’healing with automated trouble monitoring and repair services included.

According to the company, a business with an SD-WAN connection does not experience downtime when one provider has an outage because other providers connections are still up. This is useful for business operations that need to be online continuously.

An SD-WAN refers to a cloud-based wide area network architecture that enables enterprises to use a variety of internet access resources, including LTE, cable, DSL, broadband, satellite, dedicated fiber, Ethernet over copper. microwave and more, when connecting to applications. It is software-driven, meaning it can bypass the limitations of a traditional WAN by separating the logical network from the hardware. Most customers choose to buy 2 redundant connections but others choose to get 3 or more. The system can handle up to 8 different connections and always routes traffic over the best connections. This solution is so much better than legacy primary and backup connection set ups because both connections are always up and always being used which provides increased speeds.

An SD-WAN is also characterized by having centralized control that directs all traffic in the network. This capability can improve the delivery of service, as well as user experience.

Technology Source explained that this service is different from having a “back-up” internet, where customers need to pay for the connection that they are not using. An SD-WAN solution combines multiple connections that are not billed based on usage, which means customers can use all internet connections from all service providers without incurring numerous charges.

This is a great option for businesses in Rural areas that think their internet speeds are limited and they don.t have access to good quality connections. Technology Source can deploy this service anywhere and can combine landline and satellite internet connections into something that performs better then businesses every thought would be possible in a rural community.

“Businesses often don’t realize that their connection went down until they get a notification email,” a company spokesperson said. “Technology Source’s solution is self-managed and self-healing. It will constantly monitor all connections and will automatically fix outages, so customers can experience consistently uninterrupted connections.”

Technology Source specializes in offering enterprise technology to both single-location and enterprise-level organizations through its over 500 global providers. Because of its access to wholesale pricing and volume discounts, customers can have an SD-WAN internet for the price of a single-threaded fiber connection and typically can double their bandwidth for the same that they are paying today.

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