Helpful Cigar Tips for Beginners

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( — July 19, 2020) — Someone who is interested in entering the world of cigars can spare themselves from many botched smoke sessions by taking a few pieces of advice from veteran smokers. Here are some of the most important tips for beginner cigar smokers.

1. Know What You’re Smoking

There are myriad types of tobacco. The properties of a cigar are dependent upon which kinds of tobaccos are used to create it. Several species of tobacco plants are used for pipe tobacco, cigarettes, and, of course, cigars. Each species is valued for different reasons. Some have low levels of nicotine while others are imbued with specific flavors. A cigar manufacturer will often mix two or more types of tobacco in order to create their ideal cigar blend. Furthermore, the wrapper (a whole tobacco leaf used to roll the cigar together) has a huge effect on the quality of a cigar. Over time, paying attention to what constitutes a cigar will give new smokers an understanding of each cigar’s personality.

2. Never Rush a Cigar

Many new cigar smokers find it challenging to burn a cigar down to completion. An expensive, finely crafted cigar that is long and dense can burn for an hour or more. Someone who isn’t willing to devote an entire hour to a single cigar might be tempted to snuff it out and return to it later—this is a big mistake! Cigars are designed with the knowledge that the tobacco inside will go through chemical changes as it heats up. As the tobacco inside is slowly cooked, it takes on different flavors. That’s why some cigars take on more complex flavors the longer they are smoked. For this reason, it’s recommended that newer smokers opt for a cigarillo or smaller gauge stogie before working their way up to Churchill-sized torpedoes. Cigars are also loaded with nicotine, which can easily turn a greenhorn green with nausea. Fresh smokers should be cautious with cigars until they become familiar with their own nicotine limit.

3. Get Equipped With The Right Gear

Despite movies portraying tough guys biting off the ends of their cigar before smoking them, anybody who isn’t keen on a mouthful of shredded tobacco should invest in a durable cigar cutter. Snipping the end off of a cigar is the first step towards preparing a smoke. The overall size of the cut will define how powerful the cigar’s drag is when being smoked. Some people like a tight drag, while others like a loose one—but nobody likes a poorly cut cigar, so be sure to attain a worthwhile tool. There is also a list of other items that are useful for any cigar smoker. An ashtray that includes a resting space for cigars might as well be required for indoor smoking. Finally, a proper lighter is vital for lighting a cigar evenly.

4. Shop Smart

Cigars are far from the most economic hobbies available. In fact, a cigar smoker can easily burn through more money than a cigarette or pipe smoker. Cigars take extra care to assemble, and they must be packaged in a way that protects them from drying out. In order to get the most out of each dollar, a cigar smoker should be on the lookout for seasonal price cuts or clearance deals. Usually, a cigar that is cheaper than one of a similar build is only lacking in cosmetic features. A cigar that is a little ugly, but is still made with quality, will cost much less than its pristine relatives. In fact, many manufacturers sell seconds, which are cigars that have been rejected for minor defects. A small issue such as a wayward stem or a blemished wrapper has a negligible effect on the taste and strength of a cigar, but it can vastly reduce its price.