Life Goal Ideas Planning Advice To Achieve Personal Development Report Released

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( — July 20, 2020) — A new report has been released by online blog Vitality Brink for people looking for advice and suggestions on creating life goal lists for personal growth and development.

Vitality Brink has released its newest report detailing how life goals can help people to lead a happier and more fulfilled life along with ideas for goals covering a range of topics.

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The newly published report from Vitality Brink gives its readers a list of one hundred life goals to help give them ideas and motivate them to develop their own personalized goals.

In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in hectic day-to-day routines, and people can lose track of the things they want to do in life. Creating a list of goals allows people to focus and plan their lives to accomplish the things they want to do for personal growth and to enjoy their lives.

The article breaks down the list of life goals into categories that cover several aspects of living, including finance, health, creativity, and personal development. For each section, the report suggests several goals themselves but recommends people customize their list for their own individual targets.

The goals suggested by the report include practical advice such as learning to budget for finance, as well as personal achievements like learning a martial art for fitness and learning a craft, like pottery, for creativity.

By breaking life goals down into multiple categories, people are able to ensure all areas of their life has its own focus. Additionally, it allows the goals to be viewed more concisely and feel more achievable compared to a long and formidable list.

For more experience-related goals, the report lists seeing the seven wonders of the world for travel, going sky diving for adventure, learning urban survival skills for personal development, and building a treehouse for creating special places.

The report also suggests a section of the list devoted to ‘Shooting for the Stars’ for those goals that may seem out of reach but are worth striving for. Here they suggest becoming a multi-millionaire and living a life that could create a best-selling biography.

The author of the Vitality Brink blog says: “My mission at is to provide my visitors with inspiration and empowerment by spreading knowledge about self-development in all aspects of their life.”

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