Digitalization And Modern Electronics Manufacturing

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( — July 20, 2020) — Digitalization can be obtained in every section of the company — starting with the sector of management and ending with logistics. The process of digitalization refers mostly to new technologies being implemented by companies, including those used while electronics manufacturing.

Digitalization of the customer service

Studies show that companies start the process of digitalization by implementing changes in customer service. The digitalization regards the sale process itself as well as the after-sales customer support. Companies also try to maintain a multichannel connection with their customers — mainly through online solutions.

Though some customers might become frustrated due to the automatized system of customer service, most customers are likely to be satisfied with such change because it influences the time efficiency of the provided services.

Using cloud services and looking for the safest web-based solutions

The second most popular part of digitalization in modern companies refers to the usage of cloud services. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a big company that is not using some kind of external server or online platform to work with their documents.  Check out the different Altera products for sale for some good ideas.

One of the best solutions for moving the performance of the company online is to transfer it to the Virtual Data Room. VDR is a virtual online space that allows users to work safely with crucial company’s documents. Thanks to VDR those documents can be accessed from everywhere in the world instantly. What is more, there is full control over who can view certain documents and in what way they can access them.

Digitalization of the manufacturing process

The rapid development of artificial intelligence algorithms makes it sometimes difficult to keep up. Algorithms are not only used in the programming systems of the devices to make them “smart” but also during the manufacturing process itself. The best EMS (electronic manufacturing services) providers are known for implementing the newest technologies into their manufacturing lines to provide the best services for their customers.

Digital simulation during testing

Testing simulations are being used before or during the process of manufacturing to make sure that the project of the device is error-free. In a digital environment, every flaw of the project can be observed in various simulated situations. Engineers can predict some probable scenarios and prevent them thanks to the simulations. Not only that but through simulations, the performance of the devices can be also tested. Simulations save companies a lot of time and money — but mainly a lot of resources. Why should we test devices only after manufacturing them when we can test them before they have even been built?

The digitalization of modern electronic manufacturing services opens a wide range of possibilities.

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