Energy and Vibrancy Wellness Products Referral Partner Program Launched

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( — July 21, 2020) — A new program has been launched for entrepreneurs looking to make more money working from home. Total Life Changes offers two ways to promote their products and help customers improve their overall wellness.

Total Life Changes has launched a new business program to allow entrepreneurs to make money from home. They offer an industry-leading compensation plan and have 16 years of experience to provide reassurance and peace of mind for members.

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Total Life Changes is a company that provides some of the finest health and nutritional products in the industry. Whether customers want to lose weight, get more energy or look and feel their best, there are a range of items to choose from.

Options include Instant Iaso Tea, NutraBurst, NRG, Resolution No 20, Delgada Coffee, Freedom Kit, Solution Kit, Fat Burner Kit, Control Kit and Diet Duo Pack.

There are two programs for interested parties to sign up for. These include the Preferred Customer option and the Life Changer option.

Preferred Customers can take advantage of TLC’s premium products and easily share them with other retail customers while earning credits toward free products. A personal retail website will be provided for referrals, which will include an account portal and access to the TLC Preferred Customer app.

Benefits include access to the best-selling products, the ability to send samples to potential customers and more.

Alongside this there is the Life Changer Program, which has some similarities. These include a personal retail site alongside a personal enrollment site for new Life Changer prospects. This program also makes it possible to earn part-time or full-time income.

The company states: “As a new Life Changer you can take advantage of TLC’s premium products and share them with new retail customers while earning a 50% retail bonus on each product sold. In addition to obtaining customers you can sponsor new Life Changers and Preferred Customers to join your business, while earning additional commissions and residual income.”

Full details of the business opportunity and the products available can be found on the URL above.