Experts Warn Millions Die Worldwide From High Blood Sugar

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( — July 27, 2020) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been stressing the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. This advice is not just applicable for individuals with diabetes, but for the general population.

According to a new study, high blood sugar is associated not just with heart disease and diabetes, but also stroke. Every year, it claims the lives of 3 million people around the globe.

Lead researcher Majid Ezzati, says that blood glucose at all levels, even those below the threshold we call diabetes, is responsible for a very large number of cardiovascular deaths in the world, in fact, substantially larger than the number that directly die of diabetes.

Ezzati is an associate professor of international health at the Harvard School of Public Health.

This report was published in the Nov. 11 issue of The Lancet.

The investigators looked into the effects of higher-than-optimum concentrations of blood sugar on death due to heart disease and stroke worldwide. 

It has been found that diabetes accounted for 959,000 deaths in 2001 that directly attributed to diabetes, 1,490,000 to heart disease and 709,000 to stroke, and all were associated with high blood sugar. 

Experts strongly recommend keeping blood sugar levels healthy and this can be achieved by making some dietary and lifestyle improvements.

Many in the scientific community have carried out studies to explore the best possible ways to ward off diabetes and help people manage healthy blood sugar levels. 

It is worth noting that probiotics have been found to be potentially helpful, especially if added into the DASH diet. This type of diet is one highly recommended for hypertension. 

There have been multiple research studies showing that probiotics work wonders in delivering a range of healing benefits. They have been able to demonstrate their remarkable ability to enhance various aspects of health.

A study has even shown that their use led to improvements in the blood sugar measurements of the participants. More particularly, they aided in reducing fasting blood sugar levels by 10.7 percent on average. 

While more studies are still being carried out to explore the healing goodness of probiotics deeper, it is worth mentioning that more and more experts are stressing their importance for overall health and protection.  

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