New Jersey Google Content Marketing Expert Local Business Services Launched

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( — July 22, 2020) — An updated content marketing service was launched by Leafy Leads, an NJ-based agency. We provide bespoke content creation & lead generation solutions to improve brand awareness & online presence.

New Jersey digital marketing agency, Leafy Leads, has launched its updated range of content marketing solutions for local clients. The company is run by marketing specialist Alan Tunit, and the agency offers bespoke online branding and lead generation solutions to help businesses improve Google rankings.

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The newly updated marketing services ensure that local New Jersey businesses can compete with their rivals and connect with more customers.

Typically it’s hard for small and medium sized businesses to market themselves effectively because they don’t have the budget or time. But working with a marketing agency like Leafy Leads is a proven way of ensuring the best results.

For the past 10 years, Alan Tunit has helped companies to build and develop their sales and marketing workflows. He utilized built-in automation and custom lead generation campaigns to help them improve brand awareness and establish them as experts in their field.

Using a proprietary marketing solution, he can identify the ideal prospect for clients and connect them with leads that are more likely to buy. With ground-up solutions, he can help clients in any niche to grow their reputation.

The latest research shows that most web browsers never make it past the first page on Google. With the vast majority of traffic flowing through the first three results, it’s crucial to improve rankings through effective and multi-faceted marketing campaigns.

Leafy Leads can help with content creation, funnel site design for seamless customer experience, and bespoke content marketing solutions. In this way, business owners can make more of an impact when visitors land on their site.

The marketing team at Leafy Leads can create tailored podcast content, blog articles and pro-grade content pieces to create interest in a client’s products or services. All campaigns are optimized to align with client goals.

Full details of the marketing services provided can be found on the URL above.