Ideazon’s Greg Sheffield on Why 2020 Entrepreneurs Love Crowdfunding

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( — July 21, 2020) — Every entrepreneur dreams of turning their big idea into their reality. Entrepreneurs can be their biggest champion, and see how they can bring their idea across the finish line. 

But actually getting that idea off of the ground is another story, and many entrepreneurs run into trouble when it comes to fundraising. And it makes sense: those numbers can be pretty intimidating when you lay them out. That’s where crowdfunding comes in.

Crowdfunding has been making waves in the entrepreneurial spaces over the past few years, and has been picking up steam in popularity. Greg Sheffield knows all about the power of crowdfunding. As the Director of New Ideas at the crowdfunding agency Ideazon, Sheffield has seen firsthand how transformative crowdfunding can be.

We sat down with Sheffield, to discuss the basics of crowdfunding, and why every entrepreneur should consider crowdfunding in 2020.

Hi Greg, tell us about how you got started with crowdfunding.

I’ve been in the entrepreneurial and crowdfunding spaces for a long time, and I’ve seen how these spaces have really changed. I’m also an expert in consumer psychology and business coaching, which really give me a unique perspective into why crowdfunding can be both so necessary and approachable.

What do you do for Ideazon?

I’m the Director of New Ideas, which means I sort through prospective projects and new ventures. We receive tons of applications each week, and I’m tasked with sorting through this high volume and picking the most exciting ideas, which have the most potential. I love this work because I get to see all of the raw ideas that come through our doors, and weed through them to decide which entrepreneurs we should partner with.

Why is crowdfunding such a successful route?

Launching an idea as an entrepreneur or inventor requires one concrete thing, that’s non-negotiable: capital. Crowdfunding has really opened up the landscape for raising funds for a project, and now, nearly anyone can get some skin in the game. But because of that, there is a remarkably high volume of projects vying for the same crowdfunding dollars. So how do you enter the field, and stand out against the competition? You turn to us, the crowdfunding experts.

Why should every entrepreneur consider crowdfunding in 2020?

Crowdfunding gives you nearly unlimited access to funds. The limit is literally limitless, and whatever goal you set, there are absolutely ways to smash them. Plus, with crowdfunding, you’re not only raising funds, but you’re also building a base of fans and supporters, who are rooting for your product. Having that in your corner is priceless.

How can entrepreneurs learn more about partnering with you?

Our experienced team is always looking for exciting new ideas to launch on crowdfunding platforms. I personally am always keeping an eye out for exciting new ideas, and awesome entrepreneurs to work with. If you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, you can reach out on our website. You can also check us out on LinkedIn for more information.