Best Options for Web Filtering And Business Cyber Security Service Providers

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( — July 24, 2020) — A company based in California launches their buying service solutions to help businesses find the best suppliers and offerings of web filtering and cyber security services within a shorter than usual time frame.

Based in California, Technology Source launches their sourcing services for businesses looking to implement a web filtering solution for a variety of reasons. With a portfolio of over 500 service providers, the company is well-positioned to streamline the technology procurement process for their clients.

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With the company’s newest launch, institutions and enterprises of any kind can integrate a robust web filtering service and improve their cyber security by prohibiting access to potentially harmful domains and keeping threats out of their systems.

Such businesses can also effectively improve their staff’s productivity by barring use of websites that are not related to their tasks. The setup can be applied even to employees who are working from home.

Technology Source’s expertise is particularly beneficial as it does not only give access to reliable providers of web filtering solutions, but also covers the negotiation on the clients’ behalf. This means that any business in need of the said service can simply consult with the sourcing company’s technology advisors, and let them handle the rest of the work free of charge. Then only talk to the service providers which are found to meet your requirements and price budget.

The advisors can be relied upon to prepare a list of potential suppliers within a fraction of the time that the businesses would have spent on traditional RFP methods. They can also help secure the web filtering service with the best possible pricing, made possible by their bulk discounts and extensive industry experience.

The sourcing services are free of charge, allowing businesses to enjoy savings on the services they require without incurring additional expenses in the process.

Technology Source specializes in helping businesses find service providers in the areas of cloud services, communications, cyber security, digital marketing, energy, infrastructure, internet access, IT services, mobility, and software.

For clients who require assistance in identifying the kind of service that best meets their technological needs, the company also offers basic assessments for as little as $99.

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