Doug Healy Discusses Steps Americans Can Take Towards Sustainable Energy

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( — July 21, 2020) — With global warming and the depletion of our natural resources, sustainability is more important now than ever. We need to be mindful about the state we leave the planet in for future generations. Americans like to look at themselves as leaders, so we need to be leaders in this area as well. Here are some tips on how Americans can take steps toward sustainability. 

Buy from sustainable companies

Consumers have a lot of options when buying products. Most consumers automatically buy the cheapest item available. However, we as consumers need to prioritize wisely. Instead of picking the cheapest item, make a point to do your research and buy from companies who put sustainability first. It may cost a little bit more, but it is worth it to support good business practices. 

Travel smart

How we get around matters greatly. We all know that cars pollute, so it’s a good idea to limit car use. Start by walking or biking to places that are nearby. You will also experience some great health benefits. If your destination is too far to walk or bike, try to organize a carpool with other people going to the same destination. You may even try public transportation if you live in a major metropolitan area. Finally, if you must drive, drive a car with decent gas mileage. Gas mileage is the amount of gas a particular vehicle uses per mile. The more gas used, the worse for the environment. For that reason, you want a car with remarkably high gas mileage. 

Convert to a green home 

Every single person and every single home can make a difference. You should create a green home for yourself. A green home will not only help the environment, but it will also put more money in your wallet. There are a lot of small, simple changes you can make that will make a big difference. 

Start by changing the light bulbs in your home. Most light bulbs are incandescent, but you should swap them out with LCD light bulbs. You should also recycle and build your home out of recyclable materials. Finally, install solar panels in your home. The panels will absorb the sun and turn it into energy for your home so that you do not need to rely on the electric company nearly as much. In fact, some homes are able to go 100% off the electric grid. Talk to a contractor in your area today. 

Reusable bags

It takes things energy to create the bags we use to carry things home from the grocery store. Think about all of the bags used by people every single day. We should take our own bag to the store that we can use every single time. Keep the bag in the car so that you do not forget it and accidentally end up using disposable plastic bags. 

Buy Local

The food you eat usually has a long journey from its inception to your plate. It requires pollution from farming to grow fruits and vegetables. Then those fruits and vegetables need to be transported to your area. This requires high-pollution trucks or planes. By the time it finally gets to you, it has caused a lot of pollution and increased the cost. Make a point to buy local. Look for local farmers markets in your area. You should also avoid eating things that are out of season. 

Stay water-wise

Bottle water companies tend to talk about how much better bottled water is compared to tap water. However, they forget to mention how bad the reusable water bottles are for the environment. Stick to tap water. If you want, you can buy a water filter for your home. You should also buy appliances for your home that help you save water, such as low-flow toilets and EnergyStar washer and dishwasher. You can also take shorter showers and only use appliances when full. 

Cities and businesses have options. People like Doug Healy provide counsel on exactly how they can make better decisions for their citizens and the planet. Vote for the people who take the counsel to heart and try to implement change. 

We all have a responsibility to the planet we enjoy every day. Doug Healy and other experts can help large populations be more sustainable. Hopefully, we heed the advice and move toward a clean future for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.