Majed Veysel Is a Multi-Talented Ravishing Photographer and Architect

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( — July 21, 2020) — Aleppo is the city in Syria, which is filled with ancient and beautiful architecture, it is not unusual that a person from that place will not be cultural or innovative or will not love architecture, though only some people can utilize that love and passion and build a career on that. Moreover, in the small group of that, some people born Mehmet Majed Veysel, who is famously known as Majed Veysel to the audiences. 

Majed Veysel is a bright, multi-talented, and ravishing photographer, architect and voyager, the parsonage was born on 15 January 1995 in Aleppo, Syria, and demonstrated enormity in the two his energy and calling and indicated eagerness from his underlying years. Presently he has double nationality, one is Syrian, and the other one is Turkish.

Institutions Made Him Experienced

As Majed was born in Aleppo in Syria, his education life started from there in the American School which finished in 2012, and then he moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 2013 and began his bachelor in the institution called Bahcesehir University. He chose architecture as his study area, which he completed in 2017, in addition to that in the same year, he Majed began life as an architect in the “Chamber of Architects of Turkey.” After that, he flew to Italy and started his Master in Sustainable Design in an engineering institute named Polytechnic of Turin, which will be completed in 2020. The perfection and passion in his work show how he was nurtured in his institutions.  

Majed’s Effective Methodology 

The gentleman adores black and white photography, he says that the rest of the colours make it hard for people to see the real object and feel its nature and beauty, but black and white do the job for them, Majed trusts that people can feel the inner peace, original design or place in the photograph if it is in black and white. This methodology of his helped him to be what he is today. His love for architecture and travelling combined and bloomed as a result of his fantastic photography, he visited ten countries, and took black and white pictures of the beautiful architecture of those places and posted them on Instagram, where he has almost 105 thousand followers. His travelling experiences, architecture along with photography, established a successful career for Majed Veysel.

Appreciations Majed Gained for His Work

No one can disregard such authorities which Majed holds, such as bringing forth new viewpoints with a blend of both architecture and photography together. Moreover, for this, he is exceptionally valued and got a few honours; such as he got ‘Visualization Software Building named Lumion’ for architecture by FGA Mimarlık in 2015 and 2016, he obtained Brand Ambassador Prize in Italy.

How Majed Is a Master

Majed is exceptionally experienced and an ace in what he is doing because since an early age he has been working with celebrated associations, for example, S.B.ARCH. BARGONE ASSOCIATI by Acımert Mimarlık, Eroglu Holding and the University of Maryland. So we can, without a doubt, see how experienced he is, at such an early age, which is so inventive. 

The artist is profoundly infatuated with art and enthusiastic about both architectural design and photography, he accepts that plenty of structures, engineering in the western world are enlivened by European, present-day zones and renaissance craftsmanship, and he cherishes displaying and blossoming those in his photography. Majed’s reasoning shows how perfectly he has respected the pith of craftsmanship and made a high stage to make it reachable to a tremendous crowd. The focal point of his way of thinking is that everything in the Universe is developed twice: first is in one’s mind, and afterwards in the trustworthy domain.