Vibrating Cylindrical Massage Foam Roller For Tension Relief Sale Launched

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( — July 22, 2020) — Suvius has launched the sale of its vibrating massage foam cylindrical roller – an ideal way to ease muscle tension, relax, and alleviate discomfort or pain.

Utah-based company, Suvius has launched its latest sale on a vibrating foam roller. This time, the roller, which can be used by both professionals and novices, comes in the form of a cylinder.

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The recently discounted massage roller was designed with the aim of providing quality massages that ease tension in one’s muscles. Its unique shape and design give muscles more than a flat surface to work with as it directly targets one’s pressure points without unnecessary discomfort and pain.

The vibrating foam cylinder has a built-in electric massage motor and battery, making it portable and convenient to carry around, be it around the gym, track, court, living room, or anywhere that one sees fit. It is easy to use and, when charged, has a battery life of approximately 90 minutes, so consumers need not worry about finding a charging port fast.

The massage cylinder is available in various colors and equipped with four vibration settings: low, medium, wave, and high. This allows it to target the unique needs of every body type.

According to a spokesperson for Suvius, the vibrating massage roller is the solution for almost everyone. Whether one is a massage therapist looking out for clients with deep tissue injuries, an athlete looking to ease muscle soreness, or simply someone with a lot of stress and muscle tension, the massage roller comes highly recommended by the company.

The vibrating massage cylinder roller is being offered at a discounted price amid the current global pandemic. Suvius encourages customers to take advantage of this limited-time offer since the prices are usually much higher.

Suvius is a retail company that focuses mainly on sports and fitness instruction products. The company holds the belief that muscle care should feel good and as such, the most effective products should be used. That is to say, products that soothe, not smash, muscles. Each massage cylinder comes with one power charging cable, a quick-start guide, and a user’s manual.

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