CommBox Closing the Gap in Customer Communications to Meet Customer Expectations

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( — July 22, 2020) — With the digital transformation entirely revolutionizing the way we work and live our lives; we are part of a massive revolution where modern technologies and innovations are frequently streamlining the way we undertake daily tasks and conduct businesses.

By using different technologies and developing new infrastructures, we’re able to direct and focus our attention on important missions that allow us to stay competitive.

The customer experience is the number one priority for all companies

Companies are frequently looking for new ways to optimize their processes to not only include artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots and online agents, but also a way to energize their living, live agents, ensuring they have the most updated tools to work smarter and more effectively.

The CommBox omnichannel platform powered by AI and advanced automation features is able to deal with the more repetitive, drawn-out and more process-driven tasks, which permit live agents to devote more time focusing on and engaging with customers, through real-life conversations as a way to close the gap in customer communications and not just meet the customer expectations therefore to exceed them.

Eli Israelov, CommBox CEO Said: “If customer service agents are able to spend less time entering data, searching through a series of applications and CRM’s to allocate product records and information, and more time actively supporting clients, the end result will be in much more time and energy-rich atmosphere. This will, obviously, help out in driving more sales and keeping companies ahead of the curve, in terms of the competition.”

An all in one omnichannel solution powered by AI

With CommBox’s omnichannel platform you can handle customer service and sales through one unified view. CommBox’s solution allows you to handle all communications through one smart inbox, providing a seamless experience for both customers and employees.

CommBox utilize an exclusive set of machine learning algorithms at the core of the omnicahnnel platform. Using the CommBox omnichannel platform, businesses can offer a complete and outstanding omnichannel experience to their customers by being available to them and support them on the channel of their preference, such as WhatsApp, Social Media, SMS, Email, Video, Chat Voice and More.

All communication channels are managed elegantly and naturally through the smart inbox. CommBox has proclaimed to transform the way companies and consumers act together by giving away a unique and out of the box product of omnichannel customer support and messaging platform.

What makes the platform stands out and helping in closing the gap in customer communications is the fact that it applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications such as machine learning and natural language processing to create an incomparable and modernized customer experience to its users.

Data driven platform

The CommBox platform designed to collect massive data and process it for the benefit of its users. Additionally, it also has the power to suggest approaches users can automate critical business processes and as a result make better and valuable business decisions. This could come from analyzing conversations to determine the fundamental source of challenges or evaluating key metrics such as first response time, agent productivity, most in use communication channels, and much more.

Where implemented, CommBox naturally creates a data driven culture that involves people from all the departments of the organization.