New Study Warns Acne Stigma Linked to Reduced Quality of Life

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( — July 30, 2020) Orlando, FL — In the United States, acne has been found to happen to up to 50 million people every year. It is worth noting that experts are not just alarmed by its prevalence, but also its costs. In 2013, it has been found to account for more than $1.2 billion costs due to treatment and loss of productivity. 

Further, it affects roughly 85 percent of individuals between the ages 12 and 24. However, it also continues to happen to people into their 30s and 40s. Experts warn that this skin health issue has various negative effects on one’s emotional and psychological well-being.

A study was carried out by UL researchers Dr Aisling O’Donnell and Jamie Davern.  Dr O’Donnell is from the Department of Psychology and Centre for Social Issues Research at UL.

It involved a survey of 271 acne sufferers who revealed that there was a link in between their own negative perceptions of how society views their appearance, and higher psychological distress levels.  

They also reported some physical symptoms like headaches, sleep disturbance, and gastrointestinal issues. 

Further, the research study reveals that female subjects reported greater impairment in their quality of life. They also experienced more symptoms than the male subjects. What makes the findings even more alarming is that the severity of acne was significantly correlated with health-related quality of life and psychological distress.

“The findings of this study echo previous research showing that individuals with visible physical distinctions, which are viewed negatively by society, can experience impaired psychological and physical well-being as a result,” Dr. O’Donnell said. 

There are many other interesting research studies about acne and its effects on emotional and psychological well-being. There are also scientists who are looking into the best possible remedies to help combat this skin health issue. 

Activated charcoal is one of these remedies, and this is due to the highly porous surface it is equipped with. According to experts, activated charcoal works in pulling out dirt, debris, sebum, and other culprits of acne.

By unclogging pores, it is able to reduce the risk and severity of acne. Some researchers also suggest activated charcoal has an ability to exfoliate the skin gently.  It is further worth mentioning that there are many other skin health benefits linked with the use of activated charcoal.

In addition to its acne-fighting benefits, activated charcoal has also been found to deliver other healing effects. It is widely used for teeth whitening, water filtration, hangover cure, and in cases of food poisoning.

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