Black Lives Matter Face Masks Unisex Washable Reusable Double Layered Released

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( — July 24, 2020) — Bootypacks has released its new line of high-quality face masks. The face masks are BLM themed and feature double-layered cotton support and a filter pocket.

Bootypacks has recently released its line of Black Lives Matter themed face masks. The masks are reusable and utilize high-quality material.

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The newly released line is the latest addition to the variety of high-quality bags and accessories that Bootypacks already has to offer. The masks are reusable and easy to wash, they are also double-layered to shield against smog, pollen, dust, and smoke. They have been designed to be used by both sexes.

Bootypacks prides itself on creating bags and accessories by repurposing fabric waste into beautiful new designs. Their bold prints on their products help them to stand out in their niche.

Due to the business having an African-American proprietor, the newly launched masks are not only a fashion statement but a sign of solidarity to those Americans that have been and are still being marginalized because of the color of their skin.

The masks come in three quantities and two sizes. The sizes are small and large while the quantities are two-pack, five-pack, and ten-pack.

All masks feature a cotton double layer, black stretchy ear loops, a high cut design, durable fabric and are lightweight. Additionally, there is a filter pocket designed to keep air contaminants out. All orders can be made directly from their website

These masks can be worn by housekeepers, commuters, and groomers but cannot replace the protection that an N-95 or surgical mask can offer. As such it is advised that customers seek advice from their doctors if the purpose of purchasing a mask is for medical reasons.

The online store has had many great reviews. One satisfied customer had this to say, “I travel alot and Bootypacks accessories have become my essentials! I love the bold designs, they are unique and different to everything else out there.”

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