Donald Trump Wears a Face Mask for the First Time in Public

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( — July 26, 2020) — The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone. It has created a public health crisis as well as an economic one, leaving people wondering how they are going to make it through these unprecedented times. A few months ago, the CDC stated that everyone should wear a facemask to curb the spread of the virus. This announcement came following studies that showed the virus could be transmitted by people exhaling. This was a switch from prior recommendations and many people were confused.

There should not be any confusion. The CDC says that people should wear a mask because it is backed by science. The CDC has given announcements that were in line with the science that was known at the time. As the science changes, the recommendations change as well.

Sadly, not everyone has taken these recommendations to heart. There are devastating pictures of people partying without any type of social distancing or face masks. One of the people who has refused to wear a face mask is Donald Trump. Donald Trump, as the President, should be wearing a face mask to set an example for the rest of the country. Instead, Donald Trump refused for months to wear a facemask, saying that he didn’t think it would look very good or that it was a personal issue and he didn’t want to wear one. This came even though countless experts were urging him to wear a mask.

Finally, Donald Trump relented. On July 11th, he wore a face mask as he visited soldiers at a US Army Hospital. Everyone in his crew was wearing one as well. When he was asked, he stated that he felt like it would be a good idea to wear a mask to protect the soldiers who were at the hospital. Finally, he decided to set an example.

In addition, many people are wondering where to buy Donald Trump face masks. This question is a bit ironic given that Donald Trump refused to wear a mask for a long time; however, wearing a mask with Donald Trump would send a strong message that masks are important for everyone, including the President. The good news is that Donald Trump face masks are available, allowing everyone to protect themselves and others against the virus.

it is important for everyone to listen to the health experts, and not politicians when it comes to the pandemic. Everyone needs to make sure they social distance and wear a face mask when in public.