Startup Investment Opportunity In The Mental Telehealth Tech Space Launched

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( — July 28, 2020) — A Texas-based startup launches an investment program featuring their innovative platform that allows mental health companies and practitioners to render counseling and coaching services digitally.

Based in Texas, Smart Counseling launches a new start-up investment opportunity as the healthcare industry increasingly shifts to digital solutions. The company has come up with a unique platform that gives patients remote access to mental health therapy, and it is currently seeking additional funding.

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Through the newly launched investment program, more individuals can get easy and on-demand access to professional therapists, coaches, and other mental health practitioners. The platform supports multiple forms of communication, including asynchronous messaging, live video, and audio sessions.

On the part of the patients, they can rest assured that all therapists on the platform are not only licensed, but were also able to pass the company’s stringent vetting process, as well as their proprietary onboarding system that includes training and ongoing support.

As for the mental health professionals and employers, they can benefit from a convenient and robust system that comes with a flexible pricing structure. The technology also has white label capabilities, so they can use their own company branding without problem.

Operating in the telehealth space, Smart Counseling is a digital counseling and coaching service that aims to provide better access to behavioral health and wellness services through technology. Their signature platform provides long-term solutions to mental health companies and professionals, as well as to individuals dealing with various behavioral health and personal development needs.

Released in January 2020, the beta version of the platform now features numerous therapists who have successfully set up their own companies within the system. Smart Counseling has so far onboarded therapists as independent contractors within 44 states.

The company is currently seeking investments totalling $1 to $1.5 million to be able to maximize the growing market opportunity. Through the additional resources, they endeavor to expand their sales and marketing efforts, provide better support to clients and therapists, continue enhancement and security efforts for the platform, and augment their key personnel.

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