Steps to Take Before and After Getting Locked Out of Your Car

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( — July 29, 2020) — Here are some of the things we wish we would have done sooner vs. all the things we can do in the moment when we lock ourselves out of our vehicle.

Before you get locked out, take these steps to prevent it.

Keep a Spare Key on Hand

Keeping a spare key on hand is smart and a sure way to prevent a lockout. Many companies can create spare keys for you including locksmith companies like Locksmith Brisbane. Just remember to keep it separate from your everyday keys. If you are forgetful or tend to lock your keys in your car a lot, try hanging your spare key around your neck as a necklace or on your wrist attached to a bracelet. Some might prefer it to be hidden though so try wearing it in the toe of your shoe.

Loan Family or Friend the Spare Key

If you don’t trust having the spare key on your person, give it to a close family member or good friend to look out for. Make sure it will be someone who lives in the same area as you and can hopefully readily help out if a time of need arises. Clearly label your spare key so that it does not get lost or mistaken for someone else’s key. You can also tie a ribbon on it or put it on a colorful key ring.

After you’ve been locked out, keep calm, and try these tips.

Avoid Danger

Before anything else, verify you are in a safe environment when you are locked out. If you are in a parking garage or other closed-in spaces consider going into a well-lit business or open area with other people to await help with your lockout. If it is nighttime, call a family member, coworker, or friend and request they pick you up or wait with you until you can retrieve your keys. If you ever feel your life is threatened or in danger, call your local emergency services immediately.

Call a Locksmith

Once you feel safe and have exhausted your other resources, call your local locksmith. Many locksmiths or companies work 24/7 so don’t feel shy calling in the middle of the night. Get in touch with a locksmith that provides prompt response time, like Locksmith Brisbane. Keep your locksmith’s information in your phone or wallet so that you can always contact them when you are locked out. Having a relationship with them before a car lockout will make it easier when it does happen.

No one enjoys being locked out of their car. The best way to address it is to try to prevent it before it happens. Life likes to throw us curveballs though so the next best thing is to remain calm and go through the steps to keep you safe and back in your car as fast as possible.