Why Do Business Owners Monitor Employees with Screen Recording App?

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(Newswire.net — July 29, 2020) — The business transformation over the last decade has forced employers to invest in technology. Technology has changed the course of business operations. In the past, without technology owners were unable to make a handsome amount of money, because they lacked communication with clients.

Nowadays, employers are making huge money, because they have direct relationships with the clients. They can use cellphones, computers, and the internet to directly interact with the customers and make money. However, with the advancement in technology in business firms in terms of cellphones, tablets, and PCs connected to the internet.

Why does an employer want to monitor employees?

There are plenty of reasons these days that employers are trying to keep employee’s activities on business devices under surveillance. The stealing of intellectual property, goldbricking activities, and the use of social media platforms privately in working hours are genuine issues for employers. Employees lacking productivity can put the business at stake. 

Therefore, employers have to monitor employees. So, keep an eye on your employee’s activities in working hours with screen recording app. However, it is up to you whether you are going to use screen recording for cellphone or PC, you have to get the subscription separately. Let’s discuss if you are going to record the screen of cellphone devices.

What is screen recording software?

It is a high tech tool for cellphone surveillance software. I mean, it is one of the most advanced and unique features of the phone tracker app. You can install the application on the target device owned by the company and use its features to upload information using the web portal. In addition to that, you can get your hands on features including screen recorder. 

Users can use call recording, social media monitoring, email tracking, browsing activities, GPS location tracking, and you can also use remote features. Users can block the internet, incoming calls, and text messages. 

You can install it easily on the target device and all of its features provide you instant results. Physical access is necessary for the installation, because it does not support remote installation. Users can do a live chat with the customer support center to get detailed information to get rid of technicalities.


It works on all the mobile phone devices running with Android operating systems. It works under complete secrecy because it remains invisible on the target device no matter running with OS 10 and above devices.

How to get & screen recording software? 

If you want to monitor your employees’ business owned device screen, then you should get your hands on TheOneSpy official webpage. Once you are on the web page then get the subscription instantly. Furthermore, get credentials in terms of password and ID via email and get physical access to the target device. 

Now start the process of installation and activate it on the target device. Once you have ended up with the process of installation, you can hide the icon of the cellphone monitoring app. In addition to that, use the credentials and get access to the online web portal.

 Furthermore, you can visit the features such as screen recording and many others alike that empowers you to employee’s activities. Let’s discuss all the features of a cellphone surveillance app that can track employee’s activities in business-owned devices.

Use mobile phone monitoring app features to monitor employees 

Live screen recording

It is a kind of feature that single handedly enables you to spy on employee‘s business activities in working hours. You can use the online web portal and activate the screen recorder tool remotely on the target device. It will start working and make short back to back videos of the screen. Users can send it on the web portal. 

Users can record short videos of employee’s business devices when they are doing browsing activities, send and receive emails, social messaging apps activities, and keystrokes applied. You can watch all the recorded videos stored in the web portal and get to know about what employees are doing on the business owned device.


TheOneSpy cellphone screen recorder software is the best tool for employers to monitor the business owned device to the fullest. Employers can keep watching employee’s activities in working hours to increase productivity, prevent unauthorized activities, and time-wasting in working hours.