Nevada And Texas Long-Term Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Recovery Services Launched

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( — August 4, 2020) — Leading Utah-based dual diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab specialists, Mountain Peak Recovery, have expanded their service. They are offering proven recovery programs for both Nevada and Texas.

A leading Utah drug rehab center has expanded its services to offer recovery solutions to Nevada and Texas. Mountain Peak Recovery offers long-term dual diagnosis treatment services for patients needing quality residential drug and alcohol treatment.

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The site explains that Mountain Peak Recovery is Utah’s premiere residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. Now they are offering treatment services for patients in need throughout Nevada and Texas.

Their focus is on providing the highest quality services so patients can achieve lasting sobriety. They help suffering addicts and alcoholics through a range of activities and therapeutic modalities.

Mountain Peak Recovery utilizes expert service and cutting-edge technology to provide patients with the best addiction treatment available.

Their therapeutic modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, 12 Step recovery, holistic approaches, dual diagnosis treatments, and mental health programs.

Activities available to patients include the vasa gym, yoga, hiking, camping, and enjoyment of the picturesque mountain location.

Now through the newly expanded service, prospective patients from Nevada and Texas are encouraged to call to learn more about the dual diagnosis programs available.

People with dual diagnosis disorders face a complex challenge when it comes to recovery. Data shows that they have increased rate of relapse, hospitalization, and homelessness.

Residential treatment involves treating the key disorder first, and following this the secondary disorder can be immediately treated. This ensures that each element is considered primary and treated appropriately.

The team states: “Integrated inpatient treatment can strengthen availability, service individualization, engagement in treatment, treatment compliance, mental health symptoms and overall outcomes.”

They add: “At Mountain Peak Recovery, we focus on being the light, fighting the shadows that addiction creates, and allowing the light to guide us to a life of sobriety. Through finding the light within us, we are able to heal the body, mind, and spirit.”

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