Sound Engineering Live Instrument Recording Online Learning University Announced

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( — July 30, 2020) — has recently announced the start of its online university. The online platform seeks to help budding sound engineers, artists, and musicians to develop their craft. has recently announced the start of its online university. The university aims to provide an online platform for sound enthusiasts to learn sound engineering best practices.

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The recently announced online university is’s way of providing the most relevant and proven techniques to the aspiring audio engineers that need it the most. It covers a wide range of topics and concepts and is delivered by some of the most experienced musicians and engineers in the company’s team.

Preceding the announcement to start the university, the online platform has been delivering content on how to configure and record the basic elements of music. They recently released a course on drum miking techniques and how to record drums.

The commencement of the university is set to be marked by the release of a comprehensive crash course on audio recording that will be named Recording Fundamentals. This crash course is geared towards helping musicians and engineers add new skills to their repertoire from the comfort of their homes.

The University will have the most diverse collection of knowledge and experience because the individuals that comprise their team have been active and successful in the music industry for several decades.

Along with working with the best in the industry, these future teachers and lecturers have a passion for passing on their knowledge to the next generation of musicians, artists, and sound engineers.

Founded in 2015 by Robbie Konikoff, has since become a leading content aggregate for all things sound related. They feature interviews, tutorials, news, and a plethora of useful information. is an online community for musicians to network, learn, and grow together and the University promises to add more structure to that already thriving community.

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