Gen Z Entrepreneurs Taking Educated Business Risks

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( — July 30, 2020) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — Generation Z is those born between the mid-1990s and 2010 and are the next generation after Millennials. Often referred to as Gen Z, this generation was born into the digital age. They are familiar with computers, smartphones, social media and mobile digital devices. Much research around this generation shows that Generation Z is the most entrepreneurial of any previous generation.

New Business the Norm Among Gen Z

Starting their own business is something that most of the Gen Z population consider as a very reasonable and feasible career path. With this generation, working for a corporate as an employee is not the norm.

“We saw this mindset with Generation Y,” says Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of franchise experts All State Franchisers. “But Gen Z’ers are proving to take this to another level.”

The Gen Z population have grown up with smartphones, the Internet and digital technology. Access to information for this generation is unlimited, the learning potential is endless.

A move away from the traditional education process, a college education which usually leads to high debt, is what Generation Z is open to. Instead of studying for a career, Gen Z’ers are more interested in starting their own businesses.

Gen Z Creating Unique Career Opportunities

The self-confidence of this generation combined with access to endless information leads Gen Z’ers to believe that they can create their own opportunities rather than be limited to traditional career opportunities.

If an opportunity doesn’t exist, it is this generation that is most driven and able to create what they are looking for.

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic has proven the benefits of the flexibility of Gen Z’ers,” says Derek. “With work moving online wherever possible, the Gen Z population are stepping up and stepping into these roles easily.” While older generations may have struggled to move towards a greater dependence on moving digital, Gen Z’ers are comfortable with this way of work and social life.

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities Draw Gen Z

Generation Z has seen the crippling effects of debt through their parents and they are not interested in following in those same footsteps. Derek Cafferata believes that career and financial independence is driving many young entrepreneurs within this Generation Z to seek low-cost franchise opportunities.

“We are seeing young 20-somethings with an entrepreneurial drive looking for a franchise they can move into, without the need for holding a college degree,” says Derek. “And we’re seeing these Gen Z entrepreneurs successfully manoeuvre their way into a successful career for themselves.”

Some of the most popular industries that offer low-cost franchise opportunities include those in the commercial cleaning industry, the auto care industry and Internet marketing industry. Many leading franchises within these industries offer franchises for less than $50,000 initial start-up costs.

Derek Cafferata and his experienced team of franchise experts can help anyone considering becoming a franchisee. For more information and to contact one of the team at All State Franchise Finders, call 1-800-544-2161 or visit today. All State Franchise Finders are your franchise experts.

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