Protests in US Have Flared Up, and Trump Takes The Demands for Reform Personally

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(— July 30, 2020) —  Violent protests erupted in several American cities in solidarity with the city of Portland, where, despite the opposition of local authorities, federal security forces intervened following the orders of President Donald Trump.

In Portland, the nightly protests have been going on for two full months.

President Trump understood the demands for police and judicial reform as a political attack on himself.

The US president put law and order at the center of his presidential campaign, Radio Free Europe reports.
Trump used scenes of unrest, with the demolition of statues and the breaking of shop windows, to send a message of law and order for his re-election campaign, the New York Times points out and adds that the president spent more than 26 million dollars on television broadcasts showing the spread of lawlessness.

Scenes from Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles reminded of the tensions in the first days of the protest due to the violent death of George Floyd.

The catalyst for recent protests has been the deployment of federal agents in Portland, Oregon, the New York Times reported, adding that militarized efforts to quell protests near the federal courtroom have merely sparked mass demonstrations and daily clashes in the city, and inspired new solidarity protests in other cities. Following the escalation of measures taken to deal with the demonstrations the public expressed deep concern that the federal government had used extended powers in a city that had made it clear that it opposed the presence of federal agents.

The sympathies of the media and the public are on the side of the demonstrators. The announced march to Washington is scheduled for August 28, on the anniversary of the famous march for work and freedom from 1963. Trump sees it as an action against his second term.

Trump tweeted words of respect to the late John Louis, a human rights fighter, the last of the big six who marched on Washington together with Martin Luther, but the US President was called on dishonesty.

“@realDonaldTrump While the nation mourns the passing of a national hero, please say nothing,” Representative Karen Bass, Democrat of California tweeted. “Please don’t comment on the life of Congressman Lewis. Your press secretary released a statement, leave it at that. Please let us mourn in peace.”

The two men have been at odds since before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, when Mr. Lewis questioned the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s election and said he would not be in attendance when the president-elect traveled to the Capitol to be sworn in.