Three Reasons to Have Lights on Your Deck

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( — July 30, 2020) — A deck is a great addition to your home. A deck is the perfect place to enjoy a summer barbecue or sit out and enjoy the sun on a lovely afternoon. 

If you want to get away from the bugs and itchiness of grass, but you don’t want to install hardscape that is rough on the feet, the deck is the perfect solution. If you’d like to use your deck at night or if you need to navigate your deck to get into the house, it’s a good idea to put lights on your deck for a number of reasons.

1. Safety

One of the most important reasons to put deck lights on your deck is for the safety of anyone navigating the deck. Decks are built with a drop down to the ground of between a couple of inches and a couple of feet. 

Taking a fall off of a deck could cause an injury, even if it’s only a couple of inches. It is very easy to fall when you are stepping onto or off of the deck or if you aren’t paying attention when you’re walking around on the deck. 

Add the height difference and the element of darkness, and you have a serious tripping hazard in your yard. Deck lights illuminate the edge of the deck, making it considerably less likely that anyone would trip over it.

2. Subtlety

Small, subtle deck lights that are fixed directly to the deck offer a much more subtle option than some other lighting choices. You may choose a spot light to light up your deck, but the light from above can be blinding and it tends to wash the entire space with light, which isn’t a very attractive effect. 

By contrast, deck lights provide charming little pools of light that illuminate a deck without blinding you or your guests.

3. Convenience

Deck lights can be programmed to automatically detect natural light. Solar deck lights charge in the sunlight and automatically come on in the dark. Your deck will be illuminated, offering safety and a beautiful effect, without you having to do anything. 

If you need to go outside, you’ll be able to navigate your deck without even having to think about it or turn on a porch light. The convenience of such deck lights make them well worth having even if you have other lighting already installed.

What to Look for in Deck Lights

If you have decided that deck lights are worth having on your deck, the next question is what to look for in a deck light. Here are some considerations to help you find a good one.

  • Durable. The deck light that you choose should be able to handle being stepped on. Even better if it can take being driven over. Your deck light should be able to take whatever your deck can take.

  • Weatherproof. Look for an IP68 rating to ensure that your deck lights will keep working through seasons and changing weather.

  • Versatility. You may want to mount your deck light horizontally on the deck or vertically on a deck staircase or the side of the porch. Pick a version versatile enough to let you do what you want

  • Solar. Deck lights don’t have to be bright, and you don’t want to have to deal with wiring them, so pick solar lights that will naturally charge during the day and turn on at night.

Light Up Your Deck

If you want to have fun on your deck this summer, lighting it up is a good place to start. You may be surprised by how affordable it is to install quality deck lighting yourself and how convenient it is to keep those lights running through the seasons.