Richmond VA Sneeze Guards Free Standing Multiple Panel Acrylic Designs Launched

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( — July 30, 2020) — Richmond, VA — Serving Richmond, VA and the rest of the US, a manufacturer of custom acrylic products launches their clear plexiglass sneeze guards to help businesses enhance their safety measures.

Acrylic Design Company launches their acrylic sneeze guards for businesses looking to enhance the sanitation and safety of their facilities. The premier manufacturer of acrylic products serves their local community of Richmond, Virginia and the rest of the United States.

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The newly launched products are designed to aid in reducing or eliminating the risk of aerosol transmission of infectious pathogens, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). With the greater call for social distancing and sanitation measures in public places, the installation of the acrylic panels can increase confidence in any business’ dedication to safety.

Specializing in custom-made products, the company crafts the free standing acrylic panels to fit the configuration and dimensions of the office or other business areas that need to be isolated. Acrylic Design Company uses only high quality, USA-made acrylic for their products, so clients can rest assured of the durability and sturdiness of the protective panels.

Since they are made of clear plexiglass, the free standing sneeze guards can provide the much-needed seclusion that current safety protocols require without obstructing the view. They make great additions to banks, stores, offices, and other establishments where customers traditionally were in close contact with staff and other guests.

In business for more than 30 years, the Acrylic Design Company of Richmond, VA has manufactured countless handmade acrylic displays for retail stores, museums, private collectors, artists, food establishments, gift shops, offices, and more.

The company is known for working collaboratively with their clients to find the best ways to achieve their design goals. Offering their custom products at off-the-rack prices, the acrylic specialists take pride in delivering premium quality, quick shipping, and customer satisfaction with every project that they handle.

Interested parties may request a custom quote for their exact specifications by visiting the website above or calling (716) 622 0095.