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( — August 3, 2020) — YouTuber and FS19 expert Garrett Dadoun announced the release of new videos and multiplayer roleplay missions on his channel, Garrett Plays. The channel features new videos with vanilla and modded content for Farming Simulator and gameplay series to help new players.

Expert YouTube Farming Simulator gamer Garrett Dadoun announced the release of new content on his channel, Garrett Plays. The channel features gameplay from top simulation games including Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) and Flashing Lights.

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Garrett Plays has released new videos featuring solo and multiplayer FS19 roleplay missions. The new videos feature content from the original game, DLC, and community-made mod packs. The channel features PG-friendly gaming videos with daily uploads at 3:30 PM EST.

The Farming Simulator 2019 YouTube channel features step-by-step play throughs to guide new players through the basics of the game. The “Let’s Farm FS19” playlist of 15 videos is an essential resource for players learning how to set up their first farm in Farming Simulator 2019. Garrett and fellow YouTuber Spencer from Spencer TV showcase the game and its economy, new vehicles, and maps with useful gameplay tips.

Garrett Plays also features advanced FS19 content with the latest mods from Lambo Mods and other top community modders. Key channel partners include G-Portal game servers and Lambo Mods. Garrett also features reviews of products from partners including Phenyx, Bonaok, and K&F Concept.

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The FS19 channel also features occasional streams, playthroughs, and reviews of new mods and fresh content for the game. Garrett Plays also features gameplay from Flashing Lights, American Truck Simulator, Fortnite, and other top titles.

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The website features the Garrett Plays Patreon page, a merch store, and access to the GP Nation community on Discord.

According to channel owner and content creator Garrett Dadoun, “Garrett Plays is a great way to experience Farming Simulator 2019 with me and some of the most accomplished players in the community. All our content is rated PG and is safe for younger players. “Let’s Farm FS19″ documents our early days in the game and can help new players make the most of their gameplay experience.”

Garrett Dadoun is a YouTuber and content creator, creating gaming videos and vlogs since 2010. On April 30, 2016, his channel was renamed Garrett Plays and features gameplay from a wide variety of A-list and indie games.

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