Vancouver BC’s Andrew Murphy Launches Historic Online Ranking Service

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( — August 4, 2020) — Vancouver, BC — Marketing company 7Media led by Andrew Murphy of Vancouver, BC launches a content marketing service that can give brands significant exposure on major news and media channels online.

Vancouver based company 7Media led by Andrew Murphy launches a new content marketing service that allows businesses to get significant online visibility and ultimately secure more customers, clients, or patients, depending on what they offer. Headquartered in the Vancouver area, the digital marketing agency can cater to various businesses within and outside their home city in British Columbia.

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The newly launched service is made possible through the company’s connection to major online news outlets, as well as other high traffic media channels. Part of the service is producing interesting and newsworthy business content, which will be featured on the said authoritative websites for maximum exposure.

The high-end media package does not end in news articles. It also includes feature articles, podcasts, slideshows, and videos, effectively expanding the reach of the clients’ content by way of tapping more audiences and publishing on more distribution channels.

Considering how Google values established brands, the association with these reputable websites through mere mentions can greatly improve perception of 7Media’s clients. The backlinks coming from these high authority domains can also be expected to boost the clients’ website rankings. Even though many of these big name media are based in the USA they still produce extremely well for any company in any part of the world.

Being featured on these sites is known to have a significant impact on a website’s ability to rank among Google’s Map Pack or 3-Pack results. These are the much-coveted slots on the search engine’s organic results as they can effectively put a business’ website and contact details in front of people who are looking for its products or services within its local area.

7Media is an online marketing agency composed of a team of writers, developers and advertising professionals who have helped countless businesses from a variety of industries in getting more leads. Their flagship service aims to provide clients with national coverage, but with a local focus so that they can thrive in their respective areas and fields.

Businesses interested in learning more about the service may watch the introduction video and follow the sign-up instructions found on the above-mentioned website or visit Andrew Murphy’s Linkedin profile for more info.