Virtual Keynote Speaker for Building Resilience During Change Keynote Launched

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( — August 4, 2020) — A leading virtual keynote speaker and mindfulness expert, Pandit Dasa, has launched a new keynote speech aimed at business leaders designed to help people build resilience during times of change.

A virtual keynote speaker, a leading mindfulness expert and workplace coach, Pandit Dasa, has launched a new virtual keynote address aimed at organizations and business leaders for employees working from home (WFH). It is designed to help people build and develop resilience during change and challenging times while everyone is working virtually from home.

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The newly launched keynote is ideal for business leaders who want to inspire their teams, managers, and the workforce in general. The talk teaches people that while change is a natural part of life, it can be stressful. Particularly if it is unexpected or feels out of a person’s control.

Change such as having to work virtually is breaking people out of their comfort zones and disrupting their typical daily routine, which makes people feel uncomfortable, anxious and sometimes stressed. Many people forget that change is the biggest constant in our lives.

Many changes that are external to our lives are unavoidable and can test our resilience. Virtual keynote speaker, Pandit Dasa, helps people build their resilience reserves so they can face challenges with a healthy, determined, and strong mindset.

Recognizing that change is a powerful tool is an empowering process and can help people to grow, mature, and become stronger. The challenges people face can be personal or professional – sometimes both at the same time.

This virtual talk will provide people with practical insights and actionable tips to help them change their mindset and develop healthy work-life boundaries while working from home. Once people view change as a positive and not a negative, they can begin to accept it as an inevitable process that should be embraced.

A representative for Pandit Dasa said: “Building resilience is essential for the challenges people are likely to face throughout their lives. It is about changing the dominant mindset to embrace change and applying a positive solutions-focused approach.”

“Whether professional or personal – changes can have a significant impact on our lives. This virtual talk gives people the tools they need to not only deal with change, but to welcome it and flourish,” they added.

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