Leading Digital Tech Experts Podcast Interviews With Business Gurus Launched

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(Newswire.net — August 4, 2020) — Technologist Larry Weeks transitions from Google to podcast host. Bounce! Focuses on the intersection of psychology and technology offering conversations with notable thought leaders from a variety of fields.

Larry Weeks, former Head of Performance teams at Google, launched a podcast, focusing on facing challenge across domains. The podcast, ‘Bounce! Conversations with Larry Weeks’, interviews world renown experts in a range of fields, from best selling authors and scientists, to leading business researchers and entrepreneurs.

More information is available at http://larryweeks.com

The podcast host, Larry Weeks, has over ten years of experience in consulting and advising some of the world’s largest digital platforms and technology companies, including working with leading tech teams at Google where helped launch Google’s foray into ecommerce called Shopping Ads.

During the past decade, Weeks has created multiple agencies and product platforms, consulting with large companies and brands on all things digital and technological. ‘Bounce!’ offers access to exclusive conversations with business gurus, economists, doctors, best-selling authors, and technology executives to give well-rounded and informed advice in their respective fields.

Through his launched podcast, Weeks is keen to share his conversations with experts, covering a wide range of topics including economics, technological innovation, and professional development.

Within these themes, Weeks also discusses how to overcome personal hurdles, such as procrastination and issues with motivation.

Additionally, the podcast host guides listeners in coping with and responding to crises in the workplace, fostering resilience and perseverance in both life and business.

The free and accessible podcast encourages listeners to overcome personal and professional obstacles in order to maximize opportunities, accept challenges, and accomplish entrepreneurial dreams.

The podcast also opens up frank conversations about consumer culture during the pandemic, redemptive entrepreneurship, and the philosophy of artificial intelligence.

Listeners interested in exploring professional development and learning business wisdom can subscribe to ‘Bounce! Conversations with Larry Weeks’ for free on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Larry Weeks said “Recently I’ve become fascinated by systems theory and how we acquire knowledge through challenge. As a result I’ve felt compelled to talk to thought leaders across a variety of fields, ask dumb questions and record it. Let’s connect and I’ll share what I’m learning.”

More information on contact details and prices can be found at the URL above or by calling +1-407-694-4644.