LinkedIn Lead Generation Ideas And Services For Real Estate Agents Launched

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( — August 18, 2020) — Lead generation agency Grab Customers has launched a service for real estate agents which helps them find high-quality prospects, leads and clients via LinkedIn.

Grab Customers, an agency which specializes in lead generation has launched a LinkedIn lead generation service for real estate agents which can help them find targeted prospects, leads and clients.

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With their newly launched service the company can help real estate agents to generate high net-worth prospects and clients, without spending any money on advertising. They do this by using sales and marketing techniques to find warm and hot leads on LinkedIn.

Grab Customers can help clients generate real estate leads online by running the client’s LinkedIn account. The process involves finding suitable leads within the niche market and attracting highly targeted prospects using sales copywriting techniques.

They aim to help real estate agents boost ROI by providing them with daily leads which are generated from Monday to Friday. Clients can choose between a Standard and Elite service level, both of which require a minimum 2-month contract. The Standard service is the introductory lead generation service on LinkedIn.

This involves coaching customers on how to set themselves up on the system via tutorials. The coaching sessions include helping customers develop their profile for optimization, working on a strong messaging to reach out to potential leads or clients and performing advanced search functions that target ideal clients on LinkedIn.

After this, Grab Customers will run the customer’s LinkedIn account and take over the initial prospecting and kickstart the dialogue with potential leads. The customer takes it forward from there and tries to book a call or make a conversion.

With the Elite lead generation service for real estate agents, the entire process is taken care of. This includes writing the LinkedIn profile content and messaging, as well as research and advanced search techniques to find relevant, ideal clients.

Interested parties can get a Linkedin business marketing assessment by filling in the form at the URL above.