Pain Relief Lotion For Joint Pain, Inflammation, Swelling, Muscle aches & more

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( — August 5, 2020) — Joshua Tree Physical Therapy has launched the its new pain relief lotion, Chazael. The cream relieves muscle pain and swelling and is available for purchase at reduced prices.

Joshua Tree Physical Therapy, a company based in Hayden, Idaho has announced the launch of Chazael, the company’s new pain lotion. Chazael (pronounced khaz-aw-el) is clinically proven to relieve joint and muscle pain.

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The new announcement features a pain cream that is made of all-natural ingredients that work to alleviate leg cramps, muscle pain, and spasms. Additionally, joint inflammation and arthritis-induced pain and swelling, muscle strains, fatigue, and pain from swelling from sports injuries are greatly reduced through the use of this pain relief lotion.

Chazael Pain Relief Lotion is available as a stand-alone, or in four, six, eight, and twelve-pack quantities, all at reduced prices. The formula which is free of dyes, chemical, perfumes, and preservatives, is absorbed into the skin within minutes of application.

The lotion comes with clear instructions for use and clients are warned of the dangers of using it on open wounds and in the eyes. They are also advised about physician consultation before the use of the lotion if taking prescription drugs.

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The founder of Joshua Tree Physical Therapy has noted that in addition to significantly reducing pain, Chazael Pain Relief Lotion helps to restore movement in limbs that have been immobilized by pain. Moreover, the pain cream has become increasingly popular as evidenced in the number of sales recorded per hour. He also noted that orders placed after 4 pm on Friday will be shipped the following Monday.

With over six years of providing physical therapy and pain relief services, Joshua Tree Physical Therapy has helped numerous individuals achieve the pain relief they were seeking. Customers who have tried the pain lotion believe in its ability to alleviate pain and give it high praises.

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