Malvern Anxiety Counselling Through Proven Mindfulness Techniques Launched

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( — August 8, 2020) — Mindful Counselling Australia based in Malvern, announces the launch of its focused services on anxiety counseling. Through a combination of several proven techniques, they offer an investigated understanding of different anxieties and coping strategies to overcome them.

Mindful Counselling Australia, based in Malvern announces the launch of its counseling services with a special focus on anxiety counseling. In all their work, they follow the Carl Rogers philosophy of being client-centered.

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By providing this counseling service, this firm demonstrates their involvement and commitment to listen to people’s stories and accounts of their difficulties in life. They respect every individual’s life experiences and place a high premium on trustworthiness, empowerment, choice, and collaboration in the various services that they offer.

For everyone, life can be difficult at some point or the other. Plans do not work out as expected and with no warning life sometimes suddenly turns on its head.

Mindful Counselling Australia empowers and helps people cope with the changing fortunes and seasons of life. Anxiety counseling is one of their focus areas. A certain level of anxiety is normal and even beneficial when it stems from the body’s natural fight or flight response.

However, constant and persistent anxiety can cause other physical illnesses to develop and prevent the person from leading a normal life. Such people are fearful even when there is no reason and this makes them anxious.

Mindful Counselling Australia seeks to help individuals by exploring the cause of their anxiety and other negative emotions. They provide guidance and encouragement and suggest methods of dealing with deeply rooted anxieties.

In the treatment of anxiety, they use several evidence-based treatment methodologies. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, and interventions based on mindfulness. They have also recently started trials on the use of virtual reality therapy to treat different kinds of anxiety.

Mindful Counselling Australia is run by Director Asha Padisetti, who comes from a multi-disciplinary background, with a focus on mental well being and technology.

For more information visit their website given above or call them on +61-432-234-004.