NY-Based Fun Corporate Magic Experiences Surge in Demand

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(Newswire.net — August 8, 2020) New York, NY — Fun Corporate Magic, a top provider of virtual corporate magical entertainment, pivoted their in-person shows earlier this year to begin offering live, interactive virtual magic shows to great acclaim and rapid adoption across the United States.

New York-based Matias Letelier of Fun Corporate Magic, already highly popular within the corporate world, has seen demand rise significantly and has recently performed virtual shows for such companies like Pixar, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley, to name a few.

The launch of virtual magic shows, which are conducted via web conferencing platforms (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting) where participants can interact and experience the show as if they were there in person, was in response to the COVID situation that prevented traditional in-person gatherings from happening during the lockdown.  This new iteration of delivery has evolved into an efficient and easier way to provide high-quality magical entertainment to corporate clients wherever they may be.

The show currently comes in three versions – a virtual magic show with live illusions, a virtual magic one-man show, and a virtual magic show with an accompanying magic lesson.  As always Illusionist Matias also creates customized programs for a client’s specific needs upon request. 

The new shows have been receiving excellent reviews, which has helped Matias expand into other cities and gain additional notoriety which has been reflected in the number of advance bookings in his schedule so far this year and into the Fall holiday season. 

As with his traditional in-person shows, no two virtual shows are alike, and Matias’ is expert at taking care of all of the small details which make such a difference in the final product.  His key understanding of the unique requirements of each company and brand help the show to stand apart and become something truly unique.

Fun Corporate Magic has been popular for New York area companies looking to do something different with their corporate entertainment – including virtual happy hours, virtual meetings, team building sessions and online corporate events, this has expanded around the United States to other cities and venues looking for something non-traditional but highly memorable. 

COVID-19 has forced many companies to re-think how they interact with clients, staff, and has led to solid innovation around this where Fun Corporate Magic has been a leader in the virtual entertainment space. 

For more information about Illusionist Matias Letelier, Fun Corporate Magic, and the options available for Virtual Magic Shows, please visit https://funcorporatemagic.com.

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