Reno NV Mortgage Refinance Lowest Rates Personal Application Service Launched

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( — August 11, 2020) — Reno, NV — Omega Mortgage Group, office in Reno, Nevada, has announced its updated white-glove services for both new and existing homeowners needing to mortgage or refinanced their property.

Omega Mortgage Group has launched its updated expert services for people looking to purchase a new home, or refinance their existing mortgage, in the Reno area of Nevada.

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The updated services from Omega Mortgage Group are all conducted by their skilled mortgage specialists. Offering a white-glove-concierge-level service, the Reno company helps clients through the application process with personal and responsive guidance and competitive rates.

When looking at purchasing a new home or refinancing a mortgage, there are many factors people need to consider. These factors can include the applicant’s current housing costs, such as rent and utilities, income, employment status, and any existing assets they may have.

Omega Mortgage Group assists its clients with their application by beginning with a conversation to establish the expectations and options available. By doing this, the company can deliver a more personal service that takes the client’s needs and preferences into consideration throughout the process.

Following the initial conversation, the Reno-based mortgage group gathers as much information about the client’s financial situation as possible, as well as any other relevant information. This stage allows the company to provide a rapid and accurate service for the most competitive rates.

The appraisal and processing of an application conducted by Omega Mortgage Group is done in partnership with an industry-leading appraisal management company. This process helps maintain a high service standard while also streamlining the most time-consuming stage of the process.

For all their applications, the Omega Mortgage Group aims to work towards a tight deadline, which allows them to process loans in as little as 15 days or less giving clients a rapid and reliable service.

The Omega Mortgage Group underwrites every loan at the start of any process to help prevent any unexpected changes and allowing clients time for any questions or guidance that is needed during their application.

Omega Mortgage Group offers white-glove concierge-level service through online applications or by speaking to one of their friendly Reno, NV loan experts who can answer any potential queries clients might have.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.