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(Newswire.net — August 17, 2020) — A new high quality, fast-result COVID-19 testing kit has been launched. The kit provides accurate, fast results to determine who has, has had, or has never had the virus, making it ideal for use in hospitals and clinics.

New, top quality and fast COVID-19 antibody testing kits have been launched by VantageRX. The testing kits deliver results quickly, which is important because knowing who has the virus is needed in order to defeat the pandemic. This test kit is highly accurate and will show not only who has the virus, but also who has had it and recovered as well as who has never had it.

More information can be found at: https://covid.netimaster.com/rapid-test

Data shows that a huge amount of people have had the virus and have since recovered, giving some degree of immunity from antibodies even in those who were asymptomatic.

One of the key factors to eliminating the virus and ending lockdown as well as preventing future lockdowns is to know who is contagious as well as who has possible immunity from antibodies. This is made possible through testing, which can deliver quick, accurate results, making it is possible to tell who is contagious or who may be possibly immune.

VantageRX, a top-quality medical supply company based in Roseville, California, has access to these new, effective and fast-result testing kits. These Rapid Antibody Fingerstick Test Kits are similar to home pregnancy tests in terms of looks and readability. The kits use a fingerstick blood drop meaning it is simple, fast and non-intrusive.

This kit makes it possible to determine who has the virus as well as who does not have the virus and who has had it in the past and is now in recovery or fully recovered.

In addition to this, the kit does not need sending off to get the results, the results are shown on the stick within 10 minutes of the blood being applied. The test is ideal for hospitals, clinics and laboratories, however it can also be utilized in businesses, schools, airports and other areas where crowds are likely.

The company states: “VantageRx is a medical supply company in Roseville, California that now has access to the latest COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Fingerstick Test Kits. These are the same tests being discussed on the news that the President and state governors are counting on to reopen the nation’s economy.”

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