Virtual Product Visualization for Marketing and SEO WordPress Plugin Launched

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( — August 12, 2020) — is promoting the Wp-visualize plugin, which is a groundbreaking tool for all businesses to help their customers envision their products before buying online. launched their promotion of a new groundbreaking plugin to help businesses grow their sales. The new add-on helps customers and businesses at the same time to better choose and sell their products. It helps both to visualise the products either on them in the case of fashion or personal styling products or in their setting (eg. renovations, furnishings, home improvements), leading to dramatically increased sales conversion and customer engagement.

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Online businesses that sell products have always had the problem of helping their customers choose the right product in a way that is better than imagining them based on images and pictures. Many customers choose not to purchase a product merely because they cannot visualise how the product would fit in their home, office, or any place where the product would be used.

The innovative wp-visualize plugin is designed to solve this problem for both businesses and their customers.

Large businesses with expansive budgets have employed visualisation as early adopters in Mixed Reality, investing heavily to engage shoppers. Until now, such technologies have been restricted to those who could afford the significant costs of purchase, integration, and maintenance.

The innovative wp-visualize is a cost-effective and simple alternative that installs into websites and is designed to solve selling and buying problems for both businesses and their customers.

The wp-visualize plugin is easy to use with straightforward instructions. It clearly helps increase customer engagement, leading to more sales for businesses. The plugin is user-friendly, enabling website owners to be up and running in minutes.

Countless business types can benefit from WP-Visualize including home furnishings, auto accessories, air-conditioning and landscaping and garage doors to dresses, hairdressing, and lighting.

Customers have always wondered what a specific product would look like in their home. With the current pandemic and the dramatic rise of online shopping, customers increasingly face the problem of visualizing the product in their homes. The wp-visualize add-on can create a virtual image of the product in the environment using mixed reality.

The wp-visualize plugin is an excellent, low-cost marketing and SEO tool to allow businesses to attract more customers, increase customer engagement, and help them through their journey and create a unique customer experience.

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