Salt Lake City Water Damage Remediation Expert Company Services Updated

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( — August 11, 2020) —  Salt Lake City, UT — Utah Disaster Specialists have announced updated disaster clean up services available 24/7 across Salt Lake City and the surrounding residential areas. Their services include clearing up after water damage, sewage damage, mold clear up and more.

Utah Disaster Specialists have announced updated water damage services now available across a wide area of Utah, including Layton, Lehi, Ogden, Park City, Provo and Salt Lake City. They also provide air duct cleaning, clean up after fire damage, mold damage sewage clean up and more.

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In one recent job, Utah Disaster Specialists helped a client who was having their roof replaced where a leaky roof was found. The client tried self repairs but the damage to the wood floors was not taken care of.

This caused the floors to cup, and after removing them the installer never removed the laminate. Laminate holds moisture behind it, leaving water to sit on the particle board.

Flooding is a common problem for householders and can occur at any time from a variety of reasons including natural disaster, a blocked pipe or backed up sewer or a burst pipe in the wall.

Rapid action from an experienced disaster clean up company is essential because water can do severe damage to the home. It can continue to cause harm long after the water has gone, if damp or pockets of water are left undetected in floors, spaces and cavities.

This means that homeowners can dry out their home and get rid of the water and go about their daily routines without knowing the serious health and structural issues that undetected moisture is creating issues in the floors and walls.

Utah Disaster Specialists have the knowledge and expertise to trace any water damage to its source and ensure the issue is quickly and professionally corrected. They also use the latest disaster management technology and can be relied on to thoroughly dry out an affected property and eliminate any risk of mold growth.

They can pump out flooded basements and remove carpets to fully access any building structures where moisture might be present. Their state-of-the-art drying equipment also ensures that flooded properties are dried out as quickly as possible.

The company also has a proven track record in removing mold from properties. Their fully trained operatives can identify the cause of a mold problem and create a containment zone if necessary.

There are many advantages to using an experienced team of professionals should residents be unfortunate enough to suffer fire damage in their property. A professional clean up company such as Utah Disaster Specialists should be called into action before the insurers are contacted.

By quickly removing all standing water and preventing further damage, a disaster clean up company can help prevent thousands of dollars of additional property damage and minimize the risk of mold growth and its subsequent spread.

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