Fort Wayne South Bend Sales Management Training Leadership Program Launched

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( — August 12, 2020) — Wilcox-Sandler in Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana has launched world-class sales, management, and leadership training for established businesses around the country.

Sandler Training in Fort Wayne-South Bend Indiana has launched sales, management, and leadership training. The organization offers a large selection of classes and training for today’s business leaders.

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The launch of Sandler Training in Fort Wayne and South Bend brings world-class sales, management, and leadership training to businesses around the country. They consult, coach, and train individuals and organizations that are serious about achieving personal and operational excellence.

Wilcox and associates like to say they are in the “process business.” There are three pillars in the process they teach. The website contains an informative video where Jim Wilcox explains the process in depth. It may be seen at

The first pillar is the sales methodology process. It is what Sandler built their foundation on for 52 years. They have trained companies in a world-class system for going out and finding opportunities.

The company gives clients a system where they can know exactly what they are doing as they approach prospective business opportunities. This system allows companies to identify the distinct pieces of the sales process and then teach others. This sales system and accompanying strategies shorten the buying cycle, eliminate wasted time, and increase sales.

Wilcox & Associates also delivers management leadership training. Managing, as taught here teaches a process that builds in management accountability from salespeople.

It helps companies grow effective teams that get the results that are necessary to meet the business plan. Managers are taught to become the leader others want to follow. This is achieved by creating a framework for productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability.

The third and final pillar in the companies training revolves around organizational excellence. The organizational excellence Wilcox & Associates – Sandler develops provides a solid foundation for businesses around the world.

A recent client shared, “Kelly has transformed my daily routine. There is not one class that goes by without her completely blowing my mind with her knowledge and insight. She speaks in a manner that is entertaining, challenging, and uplifting. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and know her.”

The launch of this training provides an experience for business leaders that walks them through six stages, twenty-four steps, and fifty-four tools. Through this process, companies minimize risks, eliminate blind spots, and achieve excellence.

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