Oakland Meal Delivery For At-Home Staff Restaurant Quality Menu Service Launched

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(Newswire.net — August 12, 2020) — A newly updated food and ready-made meal delivery service has been launched in Oakland. Nybll offers professional-level restaurant-style food delivered to clients’ doors.

A newly updated home delivery service has been launched by Nybll, providing professional restaurant-style food for the home or office. Businesses around Oakland can arrange for home or office delivery of the nutritious, healthy and plant-forward meals to fuel their staff for optimal productivity.

More information can be found at: http://www.nybll.com

Nybll believes in the concept of “eating to win” and designs its menus with peak performance in mind. Whether they are working with professional athletes, CEOs, or an at-risk child living in a food desert, they strive to offer the highest quality food.

Clients can access over 150 menus representing cultures and countries from around the world. This ensures great-tasting, wide-ranging options for any occasion.

Meals allow for family-style dining with hearty portions, and each choice is designed with excellence in mind. The dedicated in-house culinary team takes pride in all their offerings.

Another principle at the heart of the company is an effort to strive for zero waste. There is never any excessive packaging or labeling provided as part of the meals, and they donate surplus food to families in need through The Patra Project.

Chef Kristen Thibeault is the founding chef, and she is known as one of the early pioneers of the modern plant-based food movement. She formed the focused food service to help top-tier companies and athletes to achieve peak performance through nutrition.

Now the service is available throughout the Oakland area, and Nybll manages all aspects of the employee meal service. From ordering through to delivery, setup and cleanup, every aspect is handled.

The company states: “We serve over 150 menus, all clean, healthy and loaded with complex flavors and combinations. These include themes like California Farmstead, Burmese BBQ, Afghan Bazaar, and more.”

Ready-to-eat meals are available to be delivered to the door of all staff in the local area. This is ideal for businesses operating during the pandemic as their lunch can be managed on autopilot.

Full details of the newly updated service can be found on the URL above.