New Jersey based Hosted Business Phone Service For Remote Workers And Companies

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( — August 12, 2020) — New Jersey-based Reynwood Communications continues to support businesses with its award willing hosted business phone system to support remote workers and businesses while they adjust to new agile ways of conducting business.

Reynwood Communications based in Eatontown, NJ continues to lead the industry with its hosted business phone service aimed at remote workers and businesses that want to easily connect their teams. The services can help businesses to overcome the challenges of not being in the same office, provide for disaster recovery and have been a crucial technology to more than 15,000 companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t be caught behind the competition when a second wave hits.

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Hosted business phone systems are ideal for businesses that have established remote offices as well as those that have been affected by the global pandemic. The expert team at Reynwood Communications understands many business executives have had to make tough decisions in recent months to keep their business afloat.

Transitioning employee operations from a central office to their homes has been a strange experience for many. But the widespread sweeping changes that have taken place may last far longer than the pandemic.

Businesses are advised to consider their IT environment and tools they have in place to determine their effectiveness and address any areas of concern from a security or productivity standpoint. This could include the support provided by IT, productivity bottlenecks, whether communications with clients, partners, and vendors have been affected, and if there are any home security risks.

Reynwood Communications says while restrictions are easing and people are trying to return to some form of normality, things may have changed for the long-term. As such, they say businesses need to be more agile and plan for future events or scenarios where the workforce must operate remotely.

They recommend doubling down on communication and collaboration. For instance, many people have become accustomed to carrying out important business meetings via video instead of face to face. Companies that embrace this change and become competent in these areas will automatically gain a strategic advantage over their competition.

A company spokesperson said: “Moving your business to the cloud is the most important thing you can do to future-proof it. At Reynwood, we had a work from home plan in place and tested. In fact, a vast majority of our workforce already is 100% virtual. We can help your business to become more agile and resilient during uncertain times.”

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