Mobile Modular Semi-Permanent Structures to Support Social Distancing Launched

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( — August 11, 2020) — A range of semi-permanent tents and modular mobile structures has been launched by Creative Tent International. Religious venues can benefit from the structures as they support social distancing.

A range of semi-permanent tents and mobile modular structures has been launched by Creative Tent International to support social distancing. The new structures are ideal for religious venues such as churches, mosques, temples, and other organizations that have been or are being challenged by social distancing protocols.

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The newly launched semi-permanent tents and mobile structures are modular, which makes them easy to install and strike. The structures are climate controlled, safe, durable, and quickly deployed with very few tools.

No foundation work is required for most applications and the spaces provided are ideal for congregations to gather in larger areas while still maintaining a safe distance. The solutions provided by Creative Tent International are ideal for people who need to cover or protect valuable equipment, people, or assets.

During the pandemic, the company has switched its focus to ensure it is supporting those most affected. It is dedicated to aiding the reassertion of liberties and social experiences that are being threatened, while still observing the mandated safety protocols.

Creative Tent International is a proud supporter of the US military and the freedoms citizens of the US can enjoy because of the military. The new product line is being launched in a bid to support the values, rights, and freedoms that citizens appreciate most.

Before this range was launched, the company mainly supplied festivals, weddings, events, and the military, as well as the aviation, sports, and tourism industries with temporary structures. The solid, durable, portable, and modular structures can be used for any number of events. All products are proudly made in the USA and meet the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) 2012.

A company spokesperson said: “Turnkey installations are provided worldwide, or we can send you a technical representative to advise your crew and equipment during the installation process. Install on concrete, asphalt, level or flat ground, or grass – no foundation is required. Our structures are easily transported and assembled without having to use special equipment.”

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