Real Time Warehouse Management System For Distributors And 3PLs Launched

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( — August 12, 2020) — Denver, CO — A Denver-based industry leading innovator has developed a warehouse management software (WMS) that can improve workflows, reduce labor costs, and increase the profitability of logistics firms.

Warehouse technology specialist Cadre Technologies has launched a warehouse management system designed to improve the operations of distributors, 3rd party logistic firms (3PLs), and manufacturers.

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The system called Cadence is a real-time warehouse management system (WMS) software that is capable of organizing inventory, orders, shipments, and workflows. According to Cadre, the system is sophisticated enough to direct and control the operations of even the most complex logistics business models.

Companies can utilize Cadence in high-volume and multi-channel fulfillment distribution. The system can match inventory to orders and to distribution centers, stores, and consumers. Its capabilities include inbound orders, inventory, warehouse operations, shipping, reporting, and even interactions with other systems like ERPs.

Moreover, Cadence works on Microsoft technology platforms, offering flexibility to the user. It can deliver actionable information to users through wireless computers, scanners, desktop applications, and web-based dashboards.

In addition, it can help warehouse managers and distributors optimize the space in warehouses by making processes more efficient which can increase the warehouse’s capacity and improve profitability.

Cadence has been tested by a number of major 3PLs. One of the most recent ones was Bonded Logistics, a 3PL firm based in Charlotte, NC. Bonded Logistics experienced high labor costs, decreasing productivity, and unmet service level agreements (SLAs) for one of its biggest accounts.

In response, Cadre Technologies worked with Bonded Logistics in adding additional features to Cadence, which reduced picking time (the time spent searching for an item on a shelf) by 25%. This allowed Bonded Logistics to reduce the manpower needed to maintain the account to 49 from 90, and they were able to meet its SLA.

The global demand for warehouse management systems (WMS) like Cadence is rising amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to MarketsandMarkets. The market research firm found that the pandemic has given an “impetus” to the growth of e-commerce and 3PL industries, which in turn increased the demand for warehousing.

It reported that companies are now setting up new warehouses in various countries to accommodate the demand, and this has boosted the need for warehouse management systems like the one Cadre offers. MarketsandMarkets expects the warehouse management systems industry to grow by 16% over the five years to 2025.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Cadre Technologies provides warehouse management software solutions for fulfillment, logistics, and manufacturing companies. It is currently the largest 3PL software provider in North America.

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