Palm Springs CA Google Ranking Local SEO And Lead Generation Service Launched

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( — August 13, 2020) — Palm Springs, CA — The Lead Experts has launched its SEO and lead generation service in Desert Hot Springs, California. It uses automated marketing assistants to increase online brand visibility and new revenue.

The Lead Experts has launched its SEO and lead generation service in Desert Hot Springs, California. The company uses cutting-edge technology to increase brand visibility, online presence, marketing automation, and new revenue and serves the entire Coachella Valley region.

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The newly launched service helps business owners dominate their local markets. The company’s automated marketing assistants find new customers to dramatically boost sales revenue. The automated marketing assistants also collect customers’ contact information to keep them as repeat customers.

The company’s skilled SEO team helps uses keyword research to dominate Google searches and capture traffic. Over 70% of local searches on Google result in a sale. The firm also uses back linking to improve its clients’ website rankings. By creating high quality content across a number of mediums the company also boosts its clients’ Google rankings.

The firm also uses a number of unique tools to assist with lead generation. The company’s automated marketing assistants use Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads to reach out and contact potential customers. By chatting with leads, the automated assistant can pre-qualify the leads.

Automated marketing assistants can also help with selling through conversations. Once the automated assistant is talking to a client’s ideal customers it can directly sell them products and services through real-time conversations. Viral referrals can also be used to incentivize customers to tell their friends about the business. The automated assistant can also track results.

The company’s highly effective text messaging marketing system works in a three-step process. First, customers receive a text-to-win promotion in shop. Next, customers enter via mobile on-the-spot with email, name, and phone number. Then the marketing assistant collects contact details, promotes more products and services via text and email.

The Lead Experts offers a free real-time online demonstration of its automated marketing assistant. Modern marketing automation is used frequently in the health and medical industry, retail sales, E-commerce sales, and the automotive industry among others.

For more information about The Lead Experts visit the website listed above or call 760-218-3686.