Brentwood CA Paintless Vehicle Dent Removal Mobile Repair Service Launched

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( — August 13, 2020) — Brentwood, CA — Brentwood Dent Erasers, contactable on +1-925-526-7419, have launched a mobile paintless dent repair service, rapidly removing vehicle dents at the customer’s location of choice

Dent Erasers LLC , based in Brentwood CA, have launched a new paintless dent repair service, saving time and money on the repair of dented vehicles.

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Unlike traditional dent repair which requires a vehicle to be sanded, filled, and repainted, Dent Erasers can remove dents from vehicles in two hours. The newly launched mobile service at the locally owned Dent Erasers can save customers up to 70% of traditional body shop prices, in addition to the time and expense of taking a dented car to a shop to be repaired.

As this paintless repair service can be performed at the customer’s choice of location, including their home or work, it provides a necessary alternative to the inconvenience of taking a damaged vehicle directly to a body shop. The speed and convenience of the paintless repair also avoids additional expenses, such as the cost of a rental car while the vehicle is being repaired.

This rapid paintless service is offered with a free estimate and can often be completed the same day, so that the vehicle is back on the road within hours. Given this efficient approach to client care, Dent Erasers has over 500 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

The paintless dent removal service also has less environmental impact than traditional methods of damage removal, given that it doesn’t produce dust, chemicals, or pollutants.

Dent Erasers founder, Brian Blanc, has over twenty-two years experience as a dent pro and has performed thousands of repairs in Concord, Brentwood, and the surrounding areas.

A spokesperson for the company said “Our service style is unique, allowing master technicians to come to you for mobile dent removal. Our service is the least invasive and most environmentally friendly way to remove dents and dings from your vehicle. The best part is, our dent wizard technology delivers paintless dent removal, preventing further damage to your car and saving you time and money.”

More information on contact details and prices can be found at in addition to calling +1-925-526-7419.