Solid Financial and Ethical Reasons to Install Solar Panels Into a Home

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( — August 13, 2020) — With energy prices on the rise, many homeowners these days are becoming more conscious about their energy-consuming habits. These homeowners have begun to seek ways in which they can lower their utility bills, which in turn helps them save money as well as extend a friendly hand to the environment.

Solar Panels

A great way for homeowners to reach all of these goals, reduce utility bills, save money, and be earth-friendly, is to install solar panels in their homes. Due to technological advancements that have occurred during recent years, installing solar panels in a home has become very simple. A qualified professional can install the panels in as little as a day.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

The panels are advantageous because they gather warmth from the sun and transform the warmth into energy that can be used all throughout a home. Due to their high rate of efficiency, solar panels produce no harmful gases into the air. In addition, they produce virtually no type of carbon footprint, making solar panels a very clean source of energy.

The Many Uses of Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used for both the heating and air conditioning of a home. Some people even hook them up to their water heaters and use these types of energy sources to heat their shower water as well as to heat the water they wash clothes in. There are several different ways that solar panels can be used, with each of them translating into increased energy efficiency.

Increased Resale Value of a Home

The resale value a home with solar panels tends to increase by up to 20%. Keeping this in mind, not only do solar panels help save homeowners money, but they can also help homeowners make money if they choose to sell their homes. In addition, any energy that is produced by the solar panels and not used by the homeowners can be sold to electric companies, allowing homeowners to make even more money. Many people look at taking out secured loans as the financial savings and added value you make easily outweigh the loan cost.

Tax Credits

In many states, the government provides tax credits to those homeowners who have solar panels installed. Some homeowners have even been able to negotiate energy rates with their local energy companies, thus, saving them even more money. No matter how a person looks at it, installing solar panels in a home can extremely save money, make money, and reduce carbon footprints.