An Amazing Holiday Experience in Family at Isla Mujeres

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( — August 14, 2020) — When we dream about our perfect holidays, we often picture ourselves in a Caribbean beach enjoying the company of our loved ones. If there is a place that encapsulates this ideal like no other place in the world, it is Isla Mujeres. This Caribbean Island is the ideal place to spend your holidays and strengthen your family bond. 

Discovering Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful Caribbean island located  in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. This island may be small compared to other Caribbean islands, but its charm attracts over 5000 visitors each day. 

The main attraction on this island is its beautiful beaches. Isla Mujeres has some of the most spectacular white sand beaches in the world, with nature surrounding these shores with crystal clear waters.  These beaches are the perfect place to relax or play in the sand with your kids, as well as to practice water sports such as snorkel. Isla Mujeres also has an underwater art museum with over 440 sculptures. Lovers of sea creatures can consider themselves lucky as well, since on these waters you can admire animals like the magnificent whale shark or the nesting areas for sea turtles.

But Isla Mujeres is more than idyllic beaches. At the southern part of the island you will be able to enjoy the cliff’s views, an iguana statue and a picturesque lighthouse. But the most interesting thing in this area is the 23 statues park and the mayan temple to the goddess Ixchel. This goddess is the protector of the island and the mayan symbol of love and fertility. 

Another thing you can not miss is the colourful letters with the island name, which are ideal for your family pictures. These letters are very colourful and are located near an amazing mural. And if you love street art, you will be happy to know that on the streets of the city you will be able to see many art murals. 

In the city center you will be able to see the church of Inmaculada Concepción as well as enjoy the genuine local food on the street stalls. 

Planning your trip to the island

A lot of planning needs to be made when we travel to a foreign country, especially if we add kids to the equation. If you plan to make Isla Mujeres your next holiday destination, the first thing you need to know is how to get there. In order to get there, you need to take a plane to the international airport of Cancun, then search for transportation to Puerto Juarez, where a ferry will take you to this beautiful island. 

Because of this, we recommend that you look out for All Inclusive Family Resorts in the area near Puerto Juarez for your stay, since this will position you near the ferry service and neighbouring cities like Cancun. If you travel with kids, we recommend that you check out Estudio Playa Mujeres. This luxurious resort gets its name from its location in playa Mujeres, which is a beach area located in the continental shore right in front of Isla Mujeres.

What makes this resort so idoneal is that it has programs adapted to all ages. Suites are designed in order to ensure the comfort of all the family and include features like the Total-Rest Beds®, 24 hours room service or a mini bar that gets restocked daily. At this resort kids can enjoy the interactive DOODLE LAND® program, where their creativity will be encouraged in multiple fun workshops. Adults will be able to enjoy themselves on the multiple installations across the resort, like its luxurious spa or 18 hole golf course. The resort includes many different restaurants with cuisine from all over the world as well as many art representations of mexican culture for you to enjoy with your family.