What You May Not Know About Wig Care

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(Newswire.net — August 17, 2020) — There are a number of beautiful girls who choose several types of wigs at home, whether they have long hair or other hairstyles, and use them to match their outfits and looks whenever they want.

However, how well do you really take care of your lace front wig? If the wig is not properly taken care of, not only when wearing it up to the scalp will have irritation, and the visual sense of the fake is really too bad. Teach you to take care of a few tips for wigs, so that your wig wears up when the real thing, and always bright and beautiful as new. 

Collections of wigs

When you come home to remove the wig is not ready to continue to wear, then remove the wig, do not fold, and do not haphazardly toss aside, but smooth the wig hair comb smooth, and then set it on some suitable shelves, so that the wig will not become so messy and rough when the next time you wear. If you don’t wear it often, after you have smoothed the hair, put a thick paper ball inside the headgear, put on a hair net for packaging (when you buy it, there is usually one inside the package), be careful not to put it on too tightly so as not to squeeze the wig out of shape, and then put it flat inside the box, paying attention to the size of the box to ensure that it will not squeeze the wig out of shape.

Cleaning of the wig

Wigs and real hair have to be treated the same way, and that is to be washed. Instead of rubbing it as if you were washing your clothes, be as gentle as you would be when washing your own hair. Soak the wig in warm water first, and then do some gentle rubbing.

Grooming the wig

After cleaning the wig, do not use a regular plastic comb to comb the wig, but buy the kind of comb that is designed for combing the wig. If you don’t have that kind of comb, then you can use your fingers for combing and this will solve the situation where the wig always gets static. The combing motion should be light. The wig cover should be combed before use, and a little combing after you put the wig cover on is enough. Combing wigs generally choose a relatively sparse comb is good, combing wigs should be used diagonal side combing method, not straight comb, and the action should be light; longer wig comb when the wig should be divided into several long sections, from bottom to top comb, must be light, be patient.

About the use of hair conditioner

Wigs also need conditioner, but at a reduced frequency. When you use conditioner, the amount of conditioner should also be reduced. Melt the conditioner in water and soak the wig directly for a few minutes. Then take it out and just towel dry it to dry.

After washing, gently shake off the drips from your wig, then dry the remaining water with a clean, soft towel. Isn’t this a hassle, and wouldn’t a blow dryer be faster? I forgot to remind you that for freshly washed wigs it is recommended not to use a high temperature wind such as a hair dryer to dry the hair (if it’s cold) to avoid hair loss. Finally, place it in a cool, ventilated place to avoid damage from the sun’s high temperatures. Many people in a hurry to use their wigs will give them a quick wash and then use a blow dryer to dry them. This will only result in making your wig look like it’s going to fly out of the sky, it’s hard to get a soft real hair feel, and the lifespan of this added use will be very short.

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Water temperature when shampooing

We must use lukewarm water when washing real hair, not too high or too low, and the same goes for wigs, if the water temperature is too high it will reduce the life of the wig, if it is too low it will not wash clean. Use a water temperature of more than thirty degrees. In the use of water temperature to the wig also have requirements, water temperature should not be too high, warm water is more appropriate (about 20 degrees appropriate, but not higher than 25 degrees oh) or cold water. In order to better care for the wig, you can dissolve some acidic care solution in the water.

Caring for a damaged wig

If you encounter a wig’s fork, damaged, dry and frizzy, knotted (do not pull Oh, in case of pulling to break the hair), you can spray a wig special care liquid on it, and then comb it will be much better. But it is best not to wash more comb, because this damage to the wig is very large.

About the frequency of shampoos

The wig itself does not produce oil, only when wearing some of the dust stained just, so the wig does not need frequent cleaning, generally a month to wash a can. Another according to the number of times you wear, if your wig is a couple of months is with a few words, two months to wash a can.