Home Epigenetic Testing For Nutritional Deficiency Superfood Program Launched

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(Newswire.net — August 18, 2020) — A new epigenetic home testing kit has been launched by Get Well Scottsdale & Regenr8. The test uncovers key nutritional deficiencies and provides the framework for a custom personalized superfood.

A new revolutionary epigenetic in-home test by Get Well Scottsdale & Regenr8 has been launched, allowing anyone to discover their critical nutritional deficiencies. This is important, because these can lead to premature aging and overall ill-health. Once the test has been generated a custom super-food can be created.

More information can be found at: https://TheNutritest.com

With the newly launched home testing kit, customers are able to leverage the power of an easy in-home epigenetic test result to personalize their nutritional intake.

This is completely organic and is delivered to their door, making it ideally suited to the ongoing pandemic. The custom super-food can be specially created based on the epigenetic test results offered through Get Well Scottsdale.

Regenr8’s Epigenetic Biomarker Profile (EBP) utilizes epigenetics to analyze metabolic biomarkers of cellular processes. By assessing a patient’s ability to meet vital cellular functions, the test can identify problem areas before they become larger issues.

Benefits of the test and report include getting a B-Vitamin assessment and testing for cellular energy, muscle information, gut insight, and amino acid intake. It can also provide details on the impact of inflammation and oxidative stress.

State-of-the-art science is used to determine the results of the test and how they can be utilized for optimal wellness going forward. The CLIA/COLA certified laboratory exclusively uses LC/MS/MS Technology for the highest quality results.

Once the Epigenetic Biomarker Profile has been created, the team of expert formulators will create a custom nutritional formula for each client. This product is specially designed to be good for overall health and immune optimization while being easy to consume.

The company states: “Or bodies are affected by our environment and stress, Everyone responds differently to environmental toxins and stress factors.” This is the first of its kind, personalized, epigenetic analysis in conjunction with a custom super-food.

“The epigenetic test determines exactly what is going on in a person’s body and then Regenr8 customizes an organic super-food just for you that will specifically support the nutritional deficiencies shown in the test results.”

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